Hi all. I am requesting recommendations for speakers to go with my new Yamaha AS 2000 amplifier. My price point is under $7000.00.

Room size is 22ft Wide X 25ft Length. 13 Ft Ceiling. The room features wood floors and rather thick leather couches and chairs.

I enjoy rock and Jazz and do not play my music at a loud volume.

Thank You.
speaker selection is subjective. I would advise that you demo various designs. I find ribbons, electrostats in regards to transducers to produce cleaner and more realistic sound on the upper mid and high range then dome or horn designs. Planars and electrostats tend do better on the jazz, instrumental and orchestra reproduction where as dynamic designs tend to be more suitable for rock and louder musical passages. You may want to go for hybrids such as a combination of these transducers or a linesource design. Omnidirectional designs are more suitable for home theater or wider floor spaces. The problem with planar and electrostats is the sweet spot and limited dispersion where as omnidirectional design doesn't inhert such limitations. People here are going to give recommendations based on their personal taste. Auditioning and testing various designs is your best advice. You may not like the sound someone else might find appealing.