Please help me solve my mothers problems, not tell me why Bose speakers are no good, need to replaced, etc.

My 82 year old mother has emotional attachment to my late fathers Bose 901, Version 1's.

She does have Western Digital media player for movies (on harddrive), High def cable, ipod, CD player and a High Def TV (although about 7 years old). I have managed to get (most) everything playing via an old Yamaha receiver (with tape loop).

This was done using the input selector on the TV to cycle among choices thence to the Yamaha.

The BOSEs must be equalized with their equalizer.

The receiver has no remote control function - thus she has to get up to change sound levels - etc. A giant pain

So I went to Frys/Best Buy this weekend to see if an AV receiver with jillions of inputs could be put into service to solve her problem (the problem is functionality - not sound quality from her perspective). The current sound is perfectly acceptable in the context described above. She doe not have nor want center channel or surround sound. Stereo is fine.

Apparently, in the last 10 years or so, tape loops and processor loops are not to be had at the lower end of the AV receiver spectrum. No preamp outputs -> amp inputs U connectors either. Nothing I can see that will work with the equalizer for all sources (WDTV, cable, FM, CD player, cable box)

Thus can someone recommend an AUDIO VIDEO receiver that has some way of routing ALL AUDIO SIGNALS thru the BOSE EQUALIZER.

I pulled up the 901 owners manual and am still confused about the hook up requirements so I can't provide any help. Hopefully, someone else has a better understanding of what you need.
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A lot of today's A/V receivers don't have the current those 901's took to drive.A stereo receiver may do the job. Something stereo, with a lot of watts may do better than the new A/V receivers.Plus the remote.Double check everything she has hooked up to make sure they will out put everything in two channel mode.You might have to go into the menu settings for the sources(DVD,CABLE,etc.),for that.