Recommendation Tube amp to drive Revel Studio

I need a good tube amp to go with my CJ pre to drive this hungry revel studio speaker, any info will be greatly appreciated.
My SF Power3 amps do the job just fine.
I have Salons and I know how good they can and do sound! Like Kr4, I had SF Power 3's but felt like the Salons were being held back.I tried several SS amps (200wpc Sim, Levinson 336). The realism just was not there. I found a Berning ZH-270 and now the music just poors out with great speed,tight bass,midrange female vocals to impress just about anyone and no rolling off of the upper end.
I don't own Salons but the ZH-270 is easily the best buy for a speaker of this type.

Also Consider 845 Based SET's.
Thank you for your response, I am having problem thinking about the Berning since it is only 70 watts and weight 10 lbs can drive the revel.
y.our best bet is to get a cj tube or ss amp....the revels need a brute of an amp to perform on those low notes...cj products go to a whole new level when used together.
I wouldn't worry about the Berning. It can drive huge sound labs speakers. It also has an A/B switch so when your changing pre-amps you can still listen to music or better yet sell your pre-amp and run and audio aero straight into the Berning.

If you don't like it you won't loose much on re-sale, they allmost sell for more than what they cost.

Forget about solid state, don't waste the money on a CJ, the berning has 4 feedback settings and a 70 watt rating that sound better then a sim w-3's 200 watts.

This is prolly equall to about 300 watts IMO as far as command of a speaker. If you have the money do some searches on the Berning here and at the asylum in the tube forums you just might be able to save yourself a few years of dissapointment.

Thats all I have to say, do search for yourself and tell me I'm wrong yes I have heard the amp ZH-270 and it was the best I've heard bar none even mega buck amps.
Why not consult Revel? Can you bi-amp those speakers? Why not put a strong, say Parasound SS amp on the "bass posts" and a more musical/accurate/refined amp on top!?! YOu'll have better dynamic ability, and you'll have the refinement with the midrange on up!
The Parasound amps used as bass amps are superb for that. they also are bi-amp friendly with level controls for each channel!
Good luck
Look at Llano Design Trinity or Phoenix tube/ss hybrid amps. They can drive anything, and soundly beat Bryston, Aragon, CJ,, Krell and others in an extensive listening test I did in the same setup.
Hi, I was able to borrow david berning amp to test out with the revel studio, very nice amp for the size nice mid, high but does not have enough juice for the revel bottom end. Anyone heard the vac monoblock 220, or cary 805?
05-13-03: wrote: "Why not consult Revel? Can you bi-amp those speakers?"


"Why not put a strong, say Parasound SS amp on the "bass posts" and a more musical/accurate/refined amp on top!?!

Because it ain't needed. I've used the Studios with a dozen or more amps and never found that biamping was an advantage over a single adequate amp per channel. The SF Power3 works and so does the non-tube Classe CAM350 and monoblocked eVo2.

BTW, iirc, Revel doesn't recommend biamping either.