recommendation to dampen bass for wood floors


I was hoping for a recommendation to dampen bass on some recordings for wood floors where I am using wilson puppy speakers with spikes. My retailer gave me some little discs that protect the wood floor but they are too thin and flimsy to do anything else. Anyone in similar situation or have some suggestion. For the most part, the dynamics are fantastic. I am looking for a slight reduction in the bass which I attribute to the wooden floors. I have moved the speakers are around and that has not helped and the speakers are not too close to any back or side wall.


I had the same problem with my wood floors and Utopia Sub. I ended up using Black Diamond cones screwed into Black Diamond Round Things. I am using 3 assemblies, points up against the bottom of the sub. I would think that in your situation you may want to use 4 assemblies per speaker for stability concerns. To eliminate any slight rocking due to uneven floors, just unscrew one cone from it's Round Thing ever so slightly. Good Luck.
Raise the speakers a little higher off the floor, and reduce the floor boundary reinforcement of the bass frequencies.

I'd also recommend using some Sistrum Platforms under the speakers which will not only raise them some, but improve the sound as well.(Disclaimer: I am affiliated with Starsound products)

With expensive speakers like those, they deserve a better foundation than just plain spikes.
Hang the speakers by chains from the ceiling. Try it, you'll like it. Sell the spikes.
Radiohead, Reading between the lines of your post, I'd venture a guess that you need some area rugs with pads underneath your wood floors around the speakers and between your chair and speakers.

You don't need to carpet the entire floor, but untreated hard flooring is not ideal for a listening room.

Also, even though you seem comfortable with the placement of your speakers, you may consider still moving them around and it could make a world of difference.

I started a 'cheap tweak' thread a while ago and lots of people use hockey pucks.
Don't forget to adjust your Watt phase pin for the added height whatever you decide...