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Hello all, I’m in the market for new speakers. I like accurate bass and I have limited room to move speakers around to optimize the bass due to my 9’ video screen on the front wall. I currently have Vandersteen 5A’s and, of course, they have the ability to adjust the bass to accommodate one’s room without having to actually move the speakers. My room is 22 ½’ X 17 1/2’ with an 8’ to 9’ foot ceiling (it varies). The listen spot is at 15’. I’m aware of the Acoustic Evolution speakers which are indeed very interesting and have the adjustability that I am looking for, but are there any other speakers out there (under $30K) that have the ability to adjust the bass to accommodate one’s room? Thank you all for any input.
Montana KAS2

These do and I do make them.

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Ohm 5s or 5000s
The new B&W 802 Diamonds (not D) should present a formidable bass experience regardless of amplification and placement. They engineering the speakers that have the ability control the bass to accommodate your room.
I got mine last year. Two of my friends were so impressed with the bass performance, they bought the same speakers.
How about the Rives PARC (Parametric Adaptive Room Compensation system)? You could use any speaker.
Agree with Brf that you're greatly limiting your choices by including only those speakers with bass controls and that employing some form of room and speaker correction would allow you to look at all speakers. Great brands like Magico, Rockport, YG, Giya, Joseph Audio, Raidho, Wilson, etc. would then be open to you as well. While I'm sure bass controls greatly help improve bass performance, I'd think especially because of your limited ability to position the speakers that room/speaker correction could help produce even better results along with greatly expanding your speaker options. If you haven't heard a good demo of the effects of room correction I strongly recommend you check it out if possible, or even better maybe you could borrow something to try in your own system and room. For most systems the difference is greater than changing components and sometimes even speakers, at least in my experience. Perhaps others who use some form of correction will chime in with their experience and maybe even some product recommendations. Also, you currently have very good speakers so it would be helpful to know more about what specifically you're looking to improve with new speakers. Anyway, just a thought and best of luck.
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Sorry everyone I am having a heck of a time getting my responses to go thru! Problems with password and name - which is ridiculous and frustrating! I've had the same name and password of years!

Hello Peter, yes you do make speakers with bass adjustability - I forgot about that fact! I have enjoyed listening to your speakers at many shows. I will take a closer look at your speakers. Thank you.

Thanks for your response Mapman. The Ohm's are interesting. Thank you for responding.

Beewax, maybe I should give the B&W's a listen. I remember them years ago sounding pretty darn good. Thank you.

Brf and Soix - The PARC is very interesting. I need to study that some more. Thank you for that recommendation.

Akg-ca, thank you for your input - I will check the REGA's out.
Martin Logan Summit & Summit X.

Tailor made to "dial" bass in.

IF you like panels or stats.

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Keith, what leads you to replace your current loudspeakers?
Thanks steelhead - I always have like the sound of the ML speakers.

Rpeluso... I don't know! I've never had my Vandy's sounding so good with the HB Designs power strip, Kraken power cord and Thales IC's and speaker cables. I've had the Vandy's for years - time to try something new.
You should take a look at the Zu Definition IV. Actually a down firing sub woofer built into the speaker with it's own fully adjustable amp. About 1/2 what your cost limit is but worth a listen. I had mine set up in a room a bit larger than yours and had no problem filling the room with plenty of reserve with a SET amp. Zu has a full refund policy (except shipping) if you decide you don't like them.
In addition to the PARC that operates in the analog domain there are products from DSpeaker and DEQX that operate in the digital domain and get very good reviews so may be worth looking into as well. Just FYI.

If your local or in the area for a visit your more than welcome to come for a listen in our showroom.

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Revel Salon's they have an adjustment on the back...+ or - for the bass or hi end