Recommendation on speakers for listening to live music

Hello, I was wondering if anyone had a recommendation on speakers for listening to live music. I have a big collection of live Grateful Dead, phish, jazz, etc.. This is music on cd or vinyl that was recorded live. Are there quality speakers that cater to both live and studio recordings. Would be using McIntosh power amps mc252, mc275 etc.. Thank you very much for any advice.


+1 for Charney Audio!

Reach out to Charney to discuss your room and he will recommend his horn to work best in it. Was listening to Ray Brown Live at LOA earlier today. I felt like I was in the club with them.


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The original revel salons were great with live recordings and my meridian dsp 8000's are amazing with live recordings.

Another Maggie's fan here currently running 3.7i with two subs fantastic for live music ultra fast and clean each instrument appears as on stage. Just now playing Petty Wildflowers live and it's like the band is in the room.

In the past I had the 1.7i and they were good too.

That wall of sound lasted less than eight months. Not for the quality and innovation rather the logistical aspect. The wiki is fairly informative. 

Long before Harman JBL was open and helpful to DIY and their developments were substantial. If your new to horns it would be smart to compare a dynamic and a horn speaker in the same room for your own experience.

I just heard a demo of the Meyer Sound Labs Amie powered 2 way.

Regardless of your speaker choice a properly located processing subwoofer system is what will get you the extra 3dB needed to portray Lesh's low B or the tuning of Tony Williams' 18" Gretsch creating that more live effect. 

I've never used Audio Kinesis but I've used four Velodyne DD subs to a similar affect. Far more affordable the Swarm is a popular option that will partner with many different types of speaker systems and manage most any rooms peculiarities you might encounter.

Beware of speakers with built in self powered subs. Speakers are located for sound staging. The room dictates were the subwoofers should be located.  

Para diddle y dee, good luck with your search.