Recommendation on speakers for listening to live music

Hello, I was wondering if anyone had a recommendation on speakers for listening to live music. I have a big collection of live Grateful Dead, phish, jazz, etc.. This is music on cd or vinyl that was recorded live. Are there quality speakers that cater to both live and studio recordings. Would be using McIntosh power amps mc252, mc275 etc.. Thank you very much for any advice.



That’s what I used to think, but the Heritage mk IV series are different from the "typical" Klipsch. They retain the sensitivity and dynamics, even at low volumes, but are more refined than previous iterations, including refined horn that I’m finding disappears and is actually quite dispersive. I have been quite impressed by them, and I’m a long-term neutral-leaning audio fellow...

I’m frequently taken aback by sounds that appear up, or way off to the sides, or in front of the speakers, or even occasionally behind me. Even my cats have noticed, lol. This is part of what lends the "live in the concert hall" sound.

Are they my "end game" speakers? Probably not, I might go seek refuge back into the neutral, perhaps that new Q Acoustics Concept 50 (?), but the Heresy IV are impressive and a joy to own and listen to, and certainly provide an alternative look into the music which sounds fresh and lively, and to my also surprise are non-fatiguing and fatigue is something I had been worried about... well, no worries with the Heresy IV. They are an alternative, and I’ve been to a lot of different live music events of all types in all types of venues over the past 45 years or so and they do provide the live feel and sound... I selected them after going to an exclusive loft in L.A. and listened to many other even much more expensive speakers which basically all sounded quite the same as each other and not much of a step up over my old "linear sound" Epi speakers (albeit now updated w Human Speakers parts). There was no reason at all to spend multiple thousands on new speakers that didn’t really sound any different nor better than my trusty Epi ... However, the Heresy sounded different, and when I heard Keith Richards standing next to me while playing his acoustic guitar, and then Jagger step to center stage and walk forward and lean into the mic, I was sold. And, I’ve found them to be convincing with classical music as well.

Hi, I use Tekton Design Double Impact speakers. They really bring out the dynamics and excitement of a live performance. They have high sensitivity so no problem driving them with your amps. I drive mine with a 50w/ch monoblocs tube amp to an average of 87-90db, pick at around 100-105db with ease. Whether classical or rock concert it's a great joy listening, closing my eyes and I'm there. Another thing I like about these speakers, no listening fatigue. Check them out on their site They have models even higher then my DI's. BTW, the guy that designed them is a drummer :-) 

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+1 for Charney Audio!

Reach out to Charney to discuss your room and he will recommend his horn to work best in it. Was listening to Ray Brown Live at LOA earlier today. I felt like I was in the club with them.