Recommendation on speakers for listening to live music

Hello, I was wondering if anyone had a recommendation on speakers for listening to live music. I have a big collection of live Grateful Dead, phish, jazz, etc.. This is music on cd or vinyl that was recorded live. Are there quality speakers that cater to both live and studio recordings. Would be using McIntosh power amps mc252, mc275 etc.. Thank you very much for any advice.


Hi Jazzydrummer,

As it supposed to be, everyone is in love of the carefully build own sound equipment.

In my case, I’m in love of mine, a pair of Atma-Sphere MA1 driving Soundlab

U-545. Real sound. Electrostatic sound is fantastic.

For instance Woody Herman Woody’s and his Big Band Concord Records CJ-330 “Woody’s Gold Star is like sharing the scenario.

Hope could be helpful.(Excuse my poor english)

For amplified live music ATC is hard to beat.  They're better at high volume.  

They also manage bass better than most brands.  This is one of those things that you need to experience and live with long enough to stop being emotional about it.  ATCs start rolling off bass at a relatively high frequency.  This very significantly reduces room problems, especially when you crank 'em up a bit.  They provide fantastic dynamics, very high quality bass.  The bigger ones with big bass drivers have great punch.  And you can fill in the very low end with subs if you want.  Mains with -3db points below 40hz are a bad idea in most rooms for amplified, bassy music..  

Generally bigger speakers

Generally more efficient speakers

Generally horn loaded speakers