Recommendation on speakers for listening to live music

Hello, I was wondering if anyone had a recommendation on speakers for listening to live music. I have a big collection of live Grateful Dead, phish, jazz, etc.. This is music on cd or vinyl that was recorded live. Are there quality speakers that cater to both live and studio recordings. Would be using McIntosh power amps mc252, mc275 etc.. Thank you very much for any advice.



I get what your trying to put together and agree you answered your own question, JBL (biggest and baddest you can afford).  Google JBL 4350 monitors.  No subs required.

To the posters who think that the Grateful Dead "just" used PA for the sound haven't been to a concert.  There is a very good YT vid on "The Wall of Sound".

Funny I don't see any PA. This is a super high end system.

Lastly, The GD employed the best recording technics they possible could and in fact moved the ball the down court.  Most of the GD live recordings are directly off the sound board.

BTW  Phil Lesh ,bassist, had his own set of amps and speakers for each string on his bass.




Horns seem the way to go here, the Volti Razz is a nice choice in your budget think Klipsch but a bit more refined.


I listen to Phish and the Dead live recordings extensively. I use sealed box speakers- ATC, and it sounds GREAT. Just have enough oomph behind the speakers- say 200 watts per channel to power my SCM35’s (and SCM40 v.2, which I buy tomorrow). Don’t need to have ported speakers!