Recommendation on speakers for listening to live music

Hello, I was wondering if anyone had a recommendation on speakers for listening to live music. I have a big collection of live Grateful Dead, phish, jazz, etc.. This is music on cd or vinyl that was recorded live. Are there quality speakers that cater to both live and studio recordings. Would be using McIntosh power amps mc252, mc275 etc.. Thank you very much for any advice.


If you want to recreate live music, you will need low end. There's nothing like a great live recording with full range speakers. Think larger, floor standing speakers. The MC275's should do well with reasonably easy to drive speakers. Joseph Audio Pearl, DeVore GibbonX (or 0/96's), etc. just to name a few


Wilson Watt Puppy 8 with Gryphon Diablo300 definitely takes me right to the venue.

I am a Dead fan myself and used to have Klipsch Heresy’s, the horns work well for live music. You would need to add a subwoofer or two to round out the low end.