Recommendation on soft dome bookshelfs under $1K

I am looking for a purely music setup with an old receiver to listen to records, tapes and CD's. I'd like bookshelf speakers (or MTM sized speakers) with soft dome tweeters. 6" or 6.5" drivers are preferred as it has to handle bass without a sub. I'd prefer to buy used mid-to-high end, with a budget of $1000 for the pair. Recommendations?
There is a reason the price continues to increase on vintage solid state equipment, many people like the sound. However, there is a trick to matching these amplifiers and receivers to current day speakers. Therefore, it would be nice to know exactly which receiver is being used in order to give a recommendation.
"There are plenty of vintage receivers from the heyday that would easily handle anything the modern speaker market has to offer."

Handle, yes. Bring out the best? Not likely, though some vintage receivers might do quite well with most any modern speaker.

Amplification has come a long way since the heyday of vintage receivers to enable the most out of many modern speakers.

Most receivers, and even many or most integrated, vintage or modern, do not have robust enough power supplies and current delivery capabilities to bring out the best in most (not all) modern speakers.

In general, they will work best with monitors or other designs that do not go much lower than 50-60 hz. Power and current delivery becomes a much more significant factor if attempting to deliver the lowest frequencies with speakers designed to be run of most SS amplification gear.
era d5's. rear ported though if that matters. great base and smooth tweeter. i have a set hooked up to a nad integrated and it sounds good. heard mine one a ayre setup and it was noticeably better.