Recommendation on preamp for my Krell KSA100s

Any recommendations/help appreciated. I listen to CDs and Vinyl. Thanks!
What are you using now, and what about it don't you like (and/or what about the Krell do you like)? Also, what sort of music do you listen to, and what's the rest of your system consist of? Fill us in and you are likely to get some suggestions.
I had the krc 3 that worked fantastic with the 100s, then
I replaced it with an Audio Research Reference 1, it took it to another level of enjoyment.
I actually just got it and haven't hooked it up yet. I listen to all types of music: jazz, classic, R&B, pop, etc. I have a couple components I may match it up to but not sure yet. For CD, I have a Krell SACD Standard, Rega Planet 2000 and Anthem CD1. I have a cheap carver CT17 preamp that would work but would imagine another preamp would work better. Turntable is a Technics 1200 (I know I need to upgrade this to). Cables are Cardas all around. Thanks!