Recommendation on power amp

I would like recommendations for a power amp for my system which comprises of 
theta digital gen viii series 3 preamp/dac, ayre cx-5xe mp CD player, LUMIN mini u1 streamer, kef blade 2 with a pair of jl audio f113v2 connected with a jl audio cr-1 active crossover, kimber cables , rega rp8 turntable , parasound jc-3 phono stage.
currently using a pair of parasound jc-1 . Thinking of ayre mx-r twenty . Would like recommendations on compatibility of the ayre with the above system .
thanks everyone in advance .


I'mma just highjack this thread for my own question:

I have a 1980s class A solid state amp by Technics (SE-A3). I haven't spent the money getting it checked out yet so I haven't heard it. Can anyone give me a guess of how it will sound?

Don’t get me wrong , the jc-1 are good amps. When I play my music louder the music seems to get congested. I feel it’s the transition from class a to class a/b operation. And also omg in high bias they cook. I can feel that the bottle neck are the amps and the speakers can sound better at louder volumes with an amp upgrade. 
and again it’s the upgrade bug and right now it’s the power amps in the spotlight
thanks everyone. I am sure there are very good amps out there but I have decided to get a pair of mx-r twenties. Special thanks to everyone who helped me make this choice. 
thank you 
 I have a pair of Blade 2's that I have owned since 2015. They work well in both mid sized and small rooms. I was shocked that they did not overload my 12' x 13' office. They are better in a larger room away from boundaries, but were surprisingly good in the smaller room. I have paired them with a Sonic Frontiers Power 1 (55 wpc KT-88 tube amp), Mac 6700 (200 wpm solid state receiver), Classe CAP-151 integrated,  Rogue Audio Stereo 100 & Atlas Magnum (both 100 WPC KT 120 amps), Parasound Halo A-21, Aragon 3002, Mark Levinson 532H (300 wpc SS), and an Emotiva XPA-2 Gen 1 SS amplifier.
 The best Solid State results have been with the Levinson and the Emotiva, which is somewhat startling considering it was $999 new and can be had for half that used. It is a 75lb 250/wpc beast! The Aragon worked well, but only through its single ended inputs. The best tube results were with the Rogue Atlas Magnum/ RP-5 preamp combo. Preamplifiers seem to alter the sound as much, if not more than amplifiers. I have used a Sonic Frontiers Line 1 SE, Line 2 SE, Rogue RP-5 & RP-7, and my Esoteric SA-50 player directly fed into the amplifiers. All combos sound different. Even changing from RCA to XLR in the same combos changes the sound.The Emotiva/RP-7 works well, due in part to the Emo's high (32 db) gain.
 I would like to try the PS Audio BHK amplifiers, and after reading this thread, recent Krell amps.
Hello, your equipment sounds great.  the Pass Labs X series amps are fantastic.  May be the missing link.