recommendation on new brush

    I am interested in an upgrade of my ole brush.(moble fidelity)This is to be used dry or "wet" on my tt .
i have a nitty gritty 2.5 (ole' trusty) record cleaner i use to keep everything neat ,but not everytime.
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I second the choice for the Hunt  EDA. This brush actually picks up the dust. Something many others don't do. IMO


The Sleeve City is a copy of the original Decca record brush.

The Audioquest brush has longer length brushes, and just moves the dust around IMO.

I do not like the Hunt brush, because the felt pad in the center, pushes the dust into the groove, and is hard to clean off with the holder.

A flip of the sleeve city, across the ridge in the frame, knocks off all the dust from the brushes. No grease transfer from finger tips.