Recommendation on MC cartidge and Phono Preamp

I currently have a Mac MA-6600 and Revel F-30 speakers. I recently pre ordered a new VPI Prime turntable. Assuming a budget of $2500-$3000 what would you suggest. Should I be looking at a tube phono preamp vs SS too? Thanks.
From whom did you order the VPI Prime and what was their recommendation?
No need to spend that much :-)

Liberty B2B-1

From its maker

Good Listening

I'm a huge Dynavector fan; my XX2 Mk II is an ideal match for my C50. The matching DV step-up would complete the system and hit your budget range. No matter which way you go, good luck & happy listening!
Lyra Delos/Pro-ject Phono Box RS Reference will fit right in your budget; $1,650.00/$999.00 respectively.
If your budget can tolerate the small stretch, you might consider a Herron VTPH-2. I haven't heard anything better. I'd strongly suggest a call to Keith Herron before you buy a different unit.
For the kind of money you are budgeting, I would consider a moving magnet cartridge, although there are some MC cartridges available for under $1000 that are quite nice. You can see though that this does not leave you with much of a budget for a preamp if you spent $1K on a cartridge!

The Denon 103r or variants are relatively affordable and actually have stellar performance. That would allow you to spend about $2500 or slightly more on a preamp.

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FWIW we just introduced a LOMC capable preamp in this price range.
Ralph, I gave him the same advice on his other thread.

To the OP, Atmasphere designs and builds phono stages (and other amplifiers) for a living. He's also a recording and LP production engineer. He knows whereof he speaks.
Which model is it? Is it a good match for my Mac ma6600?
I second Parasound JC3 and Dynavector 20x2L
I like my AT-33PTG/II and Jasmine LP mkII. All in my system details. Great sound for around $1000 total. You can get the AT from 2juki on eBay and the Jasmine on amazon.
If you want expansive musicality and imaging an EAR 834P - some people even keep them in high end systems as they may be the best at these things.
If you have a lot of pre RIAA records check out a Graham Slee Era Gold V (they have varying EQ)
If you want neutrality check out the Whest 2 (I have the the PS 0.2 and the 2 uses the same internals. I preffered it to an original Tom Evans the Groove
If you want MM get a cartidgeman conductor. If you want an MC get a Shelter 501 mk2 (I think they are now mark 3)
Has anyone over that side of the pond heard the new Mk2 phono amps from Tom Evans Audio ?

The specs are truly world class, even on the modestly priced Mk2 Groove A, it's signal to noise ratio ( noise and distortion ) is an amazing -114 db @ 68 db of gain !

I am told that further up the range you go the lower the distortion and noise, 50% per model. I just read this recent review (below), from what Jason Kennedy (the editor) said about the way it performs it looks like it's the real deal and he gave it 'best buy' award.
as for Tom being untrustworty he has always helped and if you require an upgrade he will help with that too ,
Both the EAR 834P and Liberty B2B-1 are personally recommended as great high value highly musical choices for tubed or solid state designs.
And for an MC cartridge, the Lyra Delos is hard to beat. I have two, one for back up when the other requires retipping.
Ditto on the Herron. Really extraordinary.
There goes Peter / pbnaudio, again.  Recommending components that he manufacturers without a disclosure. 

Nice job, Peter.