recommendation of the reviews of the Bow Wazoo XL


I am searching the reviews of the Bow Wazoo XL. I found the reviews of the Wazoo on the Bow( and the ecoustics( But I found the reviews of the Wazoo XL nowhere. Where are they?
As copied from the Bow Technologies web site, "at present there is no appointed importer in the USA. If you live in the US and wish to purchase a Bow Technologies product, please get in touch with our export sales office":


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By a Gryphon !
I found this review of the Bow Wazoo XL on

This is Actually about the WAZoo XL. The more powerfull 75 Watt per channel Intergrated amp. I have been using several systems trying to find something better than the WazOO but alas i have had no sucsess? Well i bought the latest Cyrus 8 Intergrated but this was just too thick and muddy but very powerfull. The second amp was the latest Arcam A85 Diva This was a nice amp but sounded too electronic but had some nice features! Another is the latest Primare a30 now from all the reviews this should have been the best amp of all if you believe all the hype and to be honest it was the best of all the rest!the hole point of this write up is to give you a general idea of how great the WAZ really is!
The Wazoo is a far superior Amp by far!!!
This is really a great integrated Amp far superior to many pre/power systems.

I do think the XL has the edge over the standard wazoo you really do need the extra power.

This Amp has some magical ability to portray all kinds of music from The Blues to great classical works to the latest in electronic music.

This amp does nothing but allow the music to be heard how it was supposed to be heard it adds nothing to the music on the other hand it takes nothing away!
You really would have to spend a hell of a lot of Money to beat it!!
If you really want a musically reaveling Amp this is it.
I have used Naim/Musical Fideleity/Arcam/Cyrus/primare/Linn etc etc and I can honestly say the WAZoo really does the bussiness. It is not so much a good Amp but a Great AMP.
I am not one of these people that have just bought it and have to justify the spending of large amounts of Money?
i am still in love with this amp over a year after buying it! Check out the following web site for a really good review

The Greatest Integrated of all Time
A Reveleation
Sonically Superior to many.
(Great Secondhand Prices)

No No No
It really has None".
Probably you all are right about the sonics,but be warned that in case something goes wrong with amp or other Bow stuff nobody is going to help you out.I have ZZ-one .I like it a lot
but built Quality isn't as good as it should be for the price.
Mechanical buzz from trannies and line hum from speakers.And ohh this cheap OP-amps in the pream section and failing pot. After
months of inquiring BOW I've got respononse that I should try
lokal repair shop.I've asked them then about schematic ,because nobody will play with 4500$ amp without it - no response.
hi! you still keep the wazoo or not?
i just get the wazoo xl, and i hook it with dyna 1.3mk2. it drive the mid and treble so good. but it lack the low bass , it very weak and not clear. do you feel like that?
I owned the Wazoo XL for three years with Acoustat's 1+1s not a very easy speaker to drive 81db and ad no issues at all it is a GREAT integrated amp but like Limono says better hope nothing happens because you will have problems getting this unit fixed.

PS: Replaced mine for a Grant Fidelity Rita-880 tube integrated amplifier ( yes made in China ) but under Canadian supervision Grant Fidelity of Calgary Alberta.

PS: Hi to Ian & Rachel MrAcoustat

MrAcoustat back to solid state sold my Rita-880 and bought a Chord CPM-2600 just could not afford the maintenance of the top tubes for my amp $1,200.00 and with 81db speakers and 40 hours plus weekly listening periods this would be EVERY YEAR just can't afford that kind of expense to much for an old retired audiophile.

PS: I will go back to tubes only if i win the lotery.