Recommendation Of Bright Speakers For Rega Amp

I intend to build a 2nd system based on the Rega Elicit in near future and would appreciate recommendations of some bright and upfront speakers with a slightly lean midrange. I would like to avoid speakers with a warm midrange as the Rega itself is a warmish sounding amp. I am looking at the Proac Tablette Reference 8 Signature. Would these fit the bill?

totem arro floor standers or totem monitor , they are tight on the bass, control, the tweeter is abit bright and i think would match well, i am older, late 80s, loss in some hearing but the upper levels are nice,,
last speakers that I heard that I would categorize that way were some B&W CM9's run by Classe electronics. room was well treated and I listened to a CD with a wide range of my fav's on it. These sounded to me a bit brighter than the totems I listened to later that day. what are the odds?
they are both bright.....either would work...monitor is a great speaker with rega and they are bright....
Thanks. Tried the Totem Model 1. The speakers are indeed bright sounding and quite a good match to the warmish Rega amp.
I have an all Rega system (Cursa, Exon mono b's, Saturn) and Rega's R7's.

Sound for this combo? Detailed and a bit bright and forward. Please consider Rega's R or RS speakers as an option for
A. what you're after
B. system synergy

I see the 1 - 5's pass through regulary on AGON.

Good luck!

I used to own a Rega Brio. I always thought it was on the lean bright side already. I also heard the Rega Mira one time in a showroom hooked up to some Hales speakers and I also thought the same thing.

Anyways, I ran my Brio with a pair of Rega Alya speakers. You should try a pair of Rega speakers like the newer R3's or R5's. That should give you the sound you are looking for.

Those Alya speakers complimented the Brio. They were slightly bright and a bit forward sounding, lean in the midrange with tight fast bass control. Give them a listen if you can.

I own a pair of Proac Signature 2000's right now. They are a bit lean, not too bright. They Soundstage very well and are not too forward sounding.

Personally, I would say that I don't think Proac speakers are the best match for your Rega Elicit. Not bad choice I just think the Rega speakers would be the way to go.

Good luck,