recommendation needed revel salon vs b&w 800

time to upgrade my speaker.
i had heard the 800 ( non diamond series ), quite impress with it.
my local dealer ( in the bay area ) does't carry revel ultima line anymore ,
any suggestion, on these two fine speakers?
i listen 95% to classical music, 5% to jazz
assiciated equipment
levinson 380s/336
acoustic zen IC , speaker cable
sony scd1
I had the Revel Salon on my list in 99, but I went for the 802 Nautilus. I used it for over than 6 years. Since januari this year I use the 800N from B&W. The Revel is a speaker with other properties. It is hard to compare them, because it is a matter of tast. But I think the 800N is a lot better with classical music. I did a lot of listenig with the Revels on classical music, but I didn't like the sound and I missed the involvement. The Nautilus has the potential to play the music in front of you. You can touch the people who are playing. It is more intimate compared to the Revel's. I also find the sound of violins and cello's more natural compared to the Revel's. The Revel's gives you more depth information. It has a more clean sound. I listened with ML gear, but there was 0,0 involvement. It sounds too technical in my opinion.
It will be interesting to see the updated Ultimas due out later this year. If they take the F52 concepts into the Ultima line the result should be a much more engaging speaker.