Recommendation needed for Turntable

I'm not sure that I'm a real audiophile and am on a budget of about $1000, and would like to keep it there, for a new/used turntable. My Rega P2, bought in 1996, broke in a move last year. I'm ready to replace it.

I have about 300 CDS and about 500 lp records. I listen to the following music:

Jazz: 20%
Pop/Rock: 50%;
Folk/Acoustic Blues: 20%; and
Classical: 10%.

My system is as follows:

Integrated amp: Creek 5350se, with se MM phono board; Loudspeakers: Totem Arros; and
CD player: Rotel RCD-1072.

I would greatly appreciate some recommendations for a turntable. I honestly was probably ready for a slight upgrade on my Rega P2 when it broke. I have no preference for new or used, as long as it is well built.

I haven't auditioned any equipment in so long and I don't keep up on what's new anymore, so I kind of feel lost. I thought about picking up a 70s Thorens TT and starting there. Then I thought about buying a P3. Now I'm truly lost! Please help. Thanks much to community. I appreciate your time and sharing your thoughts and experiences.

Jamey...I was going to ask the same thing. Does your $1000 budget incl having to buy a cart along with tt or do you have one that you plan on using. I am assuming you will be using the MM stage in your Creek integrated.

Here are some past posts for similar requests with a range of recommendations:

This should get you started with some recommendations. Hope this helps.
Try a KAB-modified Technics turntable from with a Denon DL-103 cartridge. It will be hard to beat for under $1000 (new). I haven't personally heard the Rega but it has a very good reputation as a good bang for the buck.

1. Ok, I could go to $1500 MAX, total with cartridge.

2. Thank you all so much! I have hours of research, which is fun, to do now.

Any additional suggestions due to my answer in 1 above will be super appreciated.

Thanks all!
You might consider a T/Table from he does great work on Vintage t/tables ( Thorens and A.R ) and would be a good safe start for a table in your pricerange...He does have an excellent following......
dual 505-4
Since you enjoyed the P2, I would say you should try a new P3-24. It should be a nice upgrade from the P2, which is a very nice table.
I still think the older VPI HW19 tables offer a lot for the money. There's upgrades available so you can start with a basic HW-19 Jr. and upgrade as the budget allows.
I have the Sota Comet with RB 301 arm and Ortofon cartridge and the sound is excellent. The combo goes for about 1500.
Rega P3-24 with Rega Exact 2 cartridge.....should match very nicely with your Creek and Totems. Then, later on, as money allows, you can always add the Rega TT-PSU power supply. I am extremely happy with this set-up, and I'm absolutely thrilled with how the music sounds. Good Luck, and Happy Listening.
go for a used Denon 47F and a Denon DL-103 cartridge. Total cost maybe $600. Great combination.
for slightly a little bit more than your budget, a used vpi scout would be great!
I'm definitely curious now about KABUSA and their modifications. Thanks for this!
I tried to get in touch with the fellow at vinylnirvana and can't get a response. I will keep trying. Thanks.
I heard a VPI about 15 years ago, in college, and really enjoyed it. At the time, it was just a dream. Funny to think I could be shopping for one. I will keep this on my shortlist. Thank you.
Is moving coil, I believe. I could go there, but that means starting with a phono preamp and, while not against it because it is ultimately a good idea, I was keen on using the MM se board in the Creek. Still open to this.
Rega Response:

I loved my Rega P2, but I was experimenting with cartridges near the end there, trying to coax out more overall "presence" or something. My P2 was tuneful and well behaved. I definitely would like more wow factor.

I hate to admit this, because it is what initially attracted me to the P2, but I wish Regas had a bit more curb appeal.
There are and have been several VPI HMW 19s on Audiogon that even come with a nice cartridge for less than your budget.If you are looking at these,I would try to find one that is at least a Mk.III. Not as easy, but I have seen them (and Mk.IV as well).
If you can get any of them with a Super Platter,get it no matter what the level is.
The other thing is a SAMA motor if possible.

I will say that I bought a HMW19 jr. and am quite happy with it.Definitely a step up from the Rega (IMHO).
Kevin at KABUSA is a wonderful guy. He won't BS you either. He will try to win you over with technicalities. Which is ok. But, keep in mind that there is more to what reaches your ear than specifications. Look at used VPI's in your dollar range. Also, higher model Rega's. Let us know what you end up choosing.
Thanks for the advice on the VPI, and the comments on the KAB. I think the VPI is a must to look at in my price range.

One person with KAB exchanged emails with me. He/she felt that the KAB was a nice upgrade and the Technics was built like a tank, with great features and stability. However, he/she felt that the Rega line was more musical.

Because the modded KAB gets me over $1,000, I feel it might be better to consider a Rega P3-24, P5, VPI, and some other well built tables (Clearaudio?).

Thanks to all. I will definitely update with my decision.
Jbhiller, how does the KAB-Technics necessarily be over $1000?

You can get the SL-1210MK5SE with the tonearm fluid damper system for $753 from A Denon DL-103 cartridge (for example) is around $200. That's under your $1000 limit, and should provide great sound for years.

It's not the only one, but it sounds mighty good for the price.

Good point Michael.

I was arriving at the number by purchasing the 1210M5G because it had better stock wiring and I liked it's looks a bit better. I was adding in the tonearm re-wire, strobe disabler, and at least $125 for a cartridge. That gets me >$1000.

So it's not necessary and I could do some upgrades on my own. I am still "on the fence" but I'm concerned about the following:

Not being able to audition the KAB;
KAB modded table's resale;

I like the following:

Technics tables are built like tanks;
Easy to find parts and service;
Nice looking and with good features.

Do you have a KAB? If so, how does your KAB compare with your Musichall listed on your system profile? I am very interested!
Yes, I do have the KAB Technics (with the fluid damper). Sorry I haven't updated my system on Audiogon for a while. I had previously had a Project RPM-6 turntable, and before that a Music Hall MMF-5. The Technics is head and shoulders above those two. I haven't heard a Rega so I can't compare it there. Not only does it sound better than the Music Hall and Project, but it's more versatile with cartridges (especially with the fluid damper), built to last, and easier to adjust. The sound is fuller, more detailed, and has less noise than the other two tables. Also, Kevin at KAB is very helpful in answering questions and getting you on track. That's worth something, too.

I'm not naive to think that this is the only or necessarily the best option for the price, and I used to dismiss people when they made comments about the Technics in a "high-end forum", but now that I have one I can appreciate what they were saying about the relatively high bang for the buck.

Thanks, Michael.

I emailed Kevin and he has been helpful. I'm thinking of a table, arm rewire and cartridge at around $1000. Nice thing is, it should last forever.

My Rega was great but a touch ginerly in its make and sound. I am, however, nervous about how good the tonearm will sound--or make the whole unit sound. I may bite the bullet and go with a KAB.

I will say, the attack of a Technics is nice and aggressive and--quite frankly--I haven't heard one that was shrill or anything and those I've listened to have had inexpensive cartridges.

Thanks again.
Jbhiller, did you decide which table you're going to go for? I think that the turntable/arm/cartridge mating is just as important as the speaker/amp mating, so some turntables I believe perform better than others with certain cartridges.

I'm going with a used Roksan Radius V. I think the KAB is a great idea but I'm concerned it's not going to be musical enough and the cost of the two is equal assuming I do upgrades to the KAB and buy the Radius used.
After being away from analog for 10 years, I recently purchased a used Music Hall MMF-7, and couldn't be more happy. Big, full bodied, rich sound. Wide, open soundstage. Comes with VTA adjustable arm (although it is a pain to adjust, due to the location of the hex nuts that lock the arm pillar in to place), and Goldring H/O MC cartridge. Great deal, and great sound (I purshcased mine here on A'gon). It really is a great table, that I am enjoying the heck out of.
I replaced the cart in my MM7 with a Lyra Argo i and running through an EAR 834p I am very happy with the results. Great rig.