Recommendation Lindley/Ry Cooder

I saw John Hiatt and David Lindley live last week and purchased the Cooder/Lindley Family live album.

It is great. David Lindley's wife joins on vocals and guitar and Ry's son joins in on drums. Good sound, great guitar work.

It is available at It is 50.00 for a two cd set which is steep and the packaging is a bit on the embarrassing side.

But the music is just great.

No conflicts of interest just enjoyed the stuff

Try Lindley's 1981 album, "El Ray-o X" on Asylum. Very eclectic, very entertaining, excellent recording. Produced by Jackson Brown
Rbischoff, thanks for the heads-up, I'll check it out. I second Joeabrams' recommendation for El Rayo-X (I like to crank Mercury Blues up in the car!) and suggest a follow up album with Lindley and El Rayo-X called "Very Greasy." Produced by - no kidding - Linda Ronstadt and featuring more of Lindley's broad talent.
Try Lindley and Hani Naser called "Playing Real Good, Vol 1"; think that is the title. There is a cover of Cale's "Tijuana" where Lindley's weissenborn steel work is captivating.

The other tune of interest is the opener titled "The Jimmy Hoffa Memorial Building Blues". It is one of the coolest little tunes I've ever heard.

"Some a surgeon made him look a little bit like Elvis,
Others say that he simply changed his name....
Where's Jimmy?"

Lindley also tours regularly with the Blind Boys and plays steel for them.
I have a couple of El Rayo X albums and enjoy him, but like him when he is not doing the schtick (sp?) party stuff. I love his string work and first found about him on the first four or five Jackson Browne albums.

That is why I like this album so much. Pure music, no party stuff. A great version of Mercury Blues as well. Like I mentioned above, pretty pricy.

He seemed a bit down after the concern when he was signing merchandise. He deserves better.

Both he and Ry deserve better, but that's the biz isn't it? Most folks never hear about the Lindleys, Cooders, Prines, Buffalos or - insert name here - of the music world. At least Cooder is getting some attention because of the Buena Vista adventure...
Am I missing something.............. I could not seem to locate the CD you are talking about on his site. I would love to hear it ............. Cooder is God and Lindley aint far behind.
It was up last week. I emailed the site and asked what happened to it. I will let you know the answer.


I received an email from Joan Lindley. If you want a copy, I will send you an order form. Hurry only 400 were pressed.

You might mention my name as I told her several people had inquired. If I don't get back immediately, don't get mad I will be out of town.

Richard Bischoff
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I saw Lindley with Warren Zevon around 81. He is a great studio musician that never got his due!
I downloaded a 7-6-95 show off of sharing the groove. Crystal clear recording. Two big thumbs up