Recommendation for very good inexpensive 35mm SLR.

I'm a student and would like to pursue photography. I would like to learn to use an SLR. Is there a good photography forum like a'gon.
and where can i buy good but used SLR's

I assume that photogon is the same media as Audiogon isn't it?

I'm very happy with my Nikon FM1
I have a whole Olympus system, 2 bodies and many lenses, etc.
The whole thing for $450. Great for student.
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I've got a Nikon FG with a Nikor 50mm lens and a telescopic 35 to 105 zoom lens. It has an autowinder as well. I hadn't really considered selling it--but when I read this I thought maybe I should. I have not used it in a couple of years--but the internal batteries are still good. I have no idea what it is worth. I know the lenses are not cheap--they are really great lenses. They are not autofocus. Let me know if you are interested and I'll find out from some photography friends what a fair market value for this stuff is. By the way, the reason I don't use it is I've gone digital--it's so much easier for me to keep track of the photos and I use them for web site work. This film camera, of course, is much much better quality than my digital (but I'm not a "photofile".
Marakanetz: That's an excellent camera from the little I know about it. I have one of it's siblings. I'm afraid to talk to much photo with Albert lurking about. I think he shot more film last month than I have in the last 10 years.
Albert probably shot more film in the last week than all of us put together shot in the last 10 years! What's worse is he made money doing it and got a bunch of great audiophile toys out of it--met some really cool musicians... oh well you get the point. At any rate--Albert might have some good advice here (but it might be kind of liking asking Gayle Sanders what's a good $150 bookshelf speaker).
Go to the AudiogoN companion site PhotogoN and ask again.
Canon AE-1 is a good camera. Easy to find used. Alot of parts around. Good optics on lenses. Some have noisy shutters ("shutter squeak"), so you should inquire about that before buying.
Peter, what is the deal with "Shutter Squeak"?? My old AE-1 Program has squeaked for well over 10 years. Has no affect on performance. I guess there could be a wear issue, but mine still works fine?? However, all used camera dealers just quickly lubricate them, and then sell them for a premium because they don't squeek, but in reality they are no better.
The Nikon FM is an excellent camera to learn on. It's all manual, therefore the photographer can learn and experiment with shutter speeds, depth of field, bright or dark background exposure control, etc. It also provides the photographer with complete control over the subject matter being photographed. This will help later on, when using an automatic SLR to understand the benfits of the different settings.


This is Audiogon's sister site.
Might want to also start this thread there.

I've heard exactly what you say. The shutter squeak has no affect on performance.

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Nikon FM-2 better one that the earlier 1 one.

Today exist also the cheaper FM-10 mostly Plastic... however, till you will learn good...! after that changed for a Niko F2 or F3 all those Manual focus.

Autofocus got directly to F-100; Digital D-100.

Good learning!