Recommendation for vacuum tube CD-player

Can you give me some recommendations and experiences on vacuum tube CD playewrs in the range 2-3K USD? I will be using this CDP mainly for vocal jazz music (I do already another CDP for my other musical tastes)

Audio Aero Prima. Make sure it is the latest model. At a cheaper price I would look at the Vincent (also available under the Kavent and Sheng Ya brands. Just replace the Chinese tubes with better ones. Don
Only way to go is Cayin. Warm, deep sound. A great value and very dependable.
Find an older Balanced Audio Technology VK-D5(not the SE) and stuff it with six NOS Siemens CCa's(pre '68) or E188CC/7308's. You WON'T be gambling on chinese crapsmanship, and WILL be able to bathe in the sounds of accurate music reproduction. The SE version's no slouch. I just don't care for the 6H30 tube's presentation, and the inability to tube roll. Do yourself a favor and, at least, find somewhere to audition the SE. That will give you an idea of what the VK-D5 is capable (with good CDs). If I had the bucks right now(and didn't already own one), I'd buy this one today: ( BTW: If you like the sound of music with added euphonics(the British sound), the Mullards the seller is offering would make you very happy.
Don't laught too quickly when I recommend an old California Audio DAC (with or without the Delta transport). I use mine specifically for jazz/vocals because it is a bit forward in the mid-range and if anything (compared to my other stuff) a bit compressed. The other stuff is the BAT VK5, a Wadia 302 and a Raysonic 128, all of which do much, much, better with big music, IMHO. You can take a digital out from your preferred CDP and if you don't like it re-sell it for little of no loss. Tube selection is, however, important - these are high gain DAC's. FWIW.
If yuo can stretch your budget a bit past 3k then I'd have to recommend a used Audio Aero Capitole MKII se.
I own a Tube Technology Fusion CD64 and think it's one of the best cdp's out there for under $10K. The company went under but they come up occasionally in the $1500-$2000 range used, new they were $4K. The technology is the same dac as the famed Chord Dac64 combined with a discrete analog output stage with dual 6922's. There's a rave review in HiFi+ that is spot on. Happy listening!
The Prima Luna Prologue Eight CD player has gotten TREMENDOUS reviews. I just heard one in a friend's system and it was VERY good.
ModWright Universal Truth modified DVD/SACD player with tube rectified power supply PS 9.0. Dan Wright himself recommends Modwright Sony 9100es Truth + Tube rectified ps 9.0. There are a few on sale right now. You get the tube analog output stage, with a DVD and an SACD player that is world class.
Audio Aero Capitole SE is a lovely CDP. It has both balanced and single ended outs which are variable so there is no need for a preamp. It can also action a digital pre.

Not the best build quality in the world but sounds very nice.
I have to agree with Newbee on the CAL equipment. I owned a Delta/Sigma then Alpha before my VK-D5 and was very happy at the time. Telefunken ECC803S's Didn't hurt my enjoyment a bit(everything, included a transport, would still be within your budget. BUT: The only thing I would trade my BAT in for would be the right Lector, or a Linn CD-12(keep dreaming).
Count me in on the CAL tube DAC bandwagon. A mere $200-250 investment might surprise you as I was. I have a Sony DVD/SACD 9000 unit and hooking it up to a tube DAC made my regular red book CDs sound very good. I played my CAL DAC with cheaper CD players and the transports brought down the quality of sound which leads me to suggest if you have a good quality CD player, your transport could work well with a tube DAC. Also, use a digital cable (not fiber optic) between the CD transport and DAC. Spending big money for a tube CD player might not be necessary. I liked the CAL SIGMA so much I upgraded to the SIGMA II with a 3-6% improvement and moved SIGMA I to a second system. Finally, there's a SIGMA version with an upsample board and people like them. Me, I off the upgrade tredmill with my CDs as this combo is very pleasing.
Jwong- Ever tried a Kimber Illuminations Orchid(minimum 1m) between your transport and CAL DAC? If not: I'll bet it would have you listening to your whole CD collection again(over and over).
Raysonic CD 128. Two friends have bought one after hearing (or hearing my raves about) mine. A superbly musical machine with the added benefit of XLR outputs (as well as RCAs). Sells new for $1850 or here on Audiogon for $1100-1200 used. I replaced a Sony XA777ES (MSRP $3K) after getting mine 18 month ago. The Raysonic sounds better playing the CD layer of hybrid SACDs than the Sony did playing the SACD layer, and for playing CDs there is NO comparison. Good luck, Dave
Triode Corporation TRV-CD4SE. It is a 24-bit 192kHz upsampling player using a 6922/6DJ8 tube; with both RCA and balanced outputs.

The official product page is here and some impressions can be found in this review.
I should have noted the rave 6moons review of the Raysonic 128 and the later 168 model. Dave
Used Cary CD 308T. Now discontinued. Was $2.5K, now can be had for $1K used.
I love my Cary 308-T. Used to go for $1250 used, perhaps a bit lower now.
I love my Jas Musik.
Lector 7mk3 which can be found in the price range used. It is far more musical than the AMR CD=77 that I had before.
YEP- If you can find a Lector: Go for it!
There is an Ayon CD-1 on Audiogon in your price range. I have one and am very happy with it.
I have the Lector 7T MK3. What am I missing with this CDP compared to the mega $$$ CDP?