Recommendation for used Amp to power Magnepan 1.6

I am searching for a used Solid state amp to drive my Magnepan 1.6 speakers. The amp will be paired with 20 year old Sonic Frontiers tube pre-amp. Have been using 40 w tube amps. Want to keep the price below $1000.00. I am considering a Belles 150a Hot Rod amp. Not sure if it has the power to drive my 86 dB maggies.

I would appreciate any feed back.

Let's see, when Magnepan shows off their speakers, they use Bryston, or a Parasound A21? 

4B Bryston under a grand.
Bryston 4B asking price 590 bucks.  Buy two they are cheap.  I am not the seller but this guy does have two of them along with a crossover.  There you go there you have it IMHO.
Yes - the Parasound Halo A21 is great with Maggies - I use one, as well as the Parasound Halo JC-1 monoblocks.  

Or... if... you want to try a class d amp - the Class D Audio SDS-470C sounds great with Maggies - which I also use with them.
There are a few Rotel rb-1080’s on eBay now. One of them is near $600.
They are 200 wpc @ 8 ohms. They’ll be in the 300 wpc range with your 6 ohm Maggies.
I have a Rotel rb-1070 driving mmgi’s and at 130 wpc @ does a great job driving the 6 ohm Maggies.
The Rotel rb-1070 drives them better than my 100 wpc Parasound htc-800 ii and my 100 wpc Rotel rx-1052 ever did.
The rb-1080 was Rotel’s top of the line amp.
I'm using a vintage Classe Audio DR-9, the last product engineered by David Reich, the uber engineer of the Classe heyday.  It's very high current into 4 ohms and performs well with the LRS. I have no idea what it costs on the used market though.