recommendation for two prong power cable needed


I recently purchased the marantz 30N sacd/cd player and suprisingly it used a two prong not conventional 3 prong power there a high quality two prong power cable that anyone has had good experience with  or has anyone had success with 2 prong to 3 prong inlet adapter?


Looks like it uses a standard IEC connector, a 3 prong will work too, no problem.

That being said I’d look at using a cable that is shielded tied to the receptacle (wall outlet) side only and not both ends. On your existing three prong cables it’s going to have a ground tied to both ends but does it have an outer shield which is tied to the ground. What’s the cable you’re looking to use?
Two leftears you are right AE will do it, Captain the owner is very nice and flexible. When I got my Marantz sacd sa 10, surprise it’s  only two prong like my Yamaha sa1000, I texted Bess form music direct and said I can use 3 prong.Iam using audience au24 pc now.In the near future , I will ask captain to make two prong, and balance xlr ic for the maRantz sa 10.
Or just build your own with VH Audio shielded twisted pair at $10.99 ft. As mentioned you only need to tie the braided shield to the wall plug, so back to the equipment it floats. You have to unbraid the shield back then re-twist to ground on wall plug. Easy as heck to build your own and this is a great cable for digital components and those with the C7 IEC plug as well. If you’re not confident to build your own Chris of VH Audio will build you one at a fair price.

Shielded Twisted Pair (12 AWG X 2)is recommended for digital components and is specially manufactured for the Flavor 1 and Flavor 3 DIY Power Cords, by Chris VenHaus. It consists of a tightly twisted pair (one twist per inch) of 12 AWG FEP insulated copper conductors, creating a low inductance/high capacitance configuration prone to reject RFI/EMI. Each 12 AWG conductor is made with 19 strands of 25AWG bare copper, which means excellent contact area when secured to AC plugs. The internal twisted conductors are shielded with a special foil and tinned copper braid, for maximum RFI rejection. Lastly, a clear FEPjacket encapsulates the shielded pair bundle to keep relative movements of the conductors to a minimum. Deep Cryogenic treatment. Cable is custom made to VH Audio's specifications, and is ONLY available at VH Audio.