Recommendation for tube amp.

I’m exploring getting a tube amplifier to drive my GoldenEar Triton 1 speakers.
Sensitivity: 92dB/2.83V/m.  Impedance: 8 ohms
I’d like to spend in the $2000-$2500 range.
Are there any quality tube amps in that price range that would effectively drive these speakers?
 I listen mainly to classical music. Amp has to have enough power to rise to powerful orchestral climaxes.
 I’d appreciate any help in searching.
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What preamp are you using?
I’m using a Conrad-Johnson PV-11 preamp just recently Teflon recapped.

More info re: speakers:
Nominal impedance: 8 ohms
Recommended amplification: 20-650 wpc 
These Quicksilver mono amps would be a nice fit! Plenty of power for those speakers!
I owned the Triton 1s for a year. You don't need that much mustard as it's just a couple mid drivers and a tweeter (woofs are powered). I used a variety on mine, including PrimaLuna and Rogue Cronus Mag amps, both tubed. 

But to your question: van Alstine - UltraValve will set you up for life, or the life of your T1s anyhoots. 

Last year at Axpona the Primaluna room was paired with GoldenEar speakers. I believe those were the Triton Reference though I’m not sure. Amp was Primaluna Dialogue Premium and preamp. That combination sounded really good. I was quite surprised because I heard the Triton 1’s at a local dealer the weekend before and they didn’t do a thing for me (at the dealer they were mated with cheaper solid state but for the life of me I can’t remember which brand). But at Axpona they were really singing well with the PL stuff. Used you could probably find a PL Dialogue Premium within your budget. Best of luck.
i would stretch to purchase an ARC Ref 75 non se version as it looks like you could take a truly great amp home for under 4k. it’s one for the long haul. 

 I’m intrigued by your recommendation of the van Alstine.  Did you use it with the Tritons? 
It certainly is affordable. And they say it’s inspired by the old Dyna Stereo 70 which I owned and loved.
I have a pair of Quicksilver Mid Monos and they are great amps for the money.  The latest version has been improved with a number of upgrades, specifically independent bias adj for each tube and improved transformers to allow use of KT120 and KT150 tubes.   I drive mine with a c-j Classic 2SE and it's an awesome combination.   Have used speakers that are 87 dB sens , 90 dB , and 99 dB efficient with excellent results.   Rock solid reliable, you won't be sending it in if a tube fails like an ARC amp.
Get the new Dyna ST70! Great review in Stereophile! And the price is right!
I always recommend Jolida (or Black Ice as they're called now) as they're still an utterly underrated tube amp company, likely because they're much less expensive than many.
I heard a Carver Crimson 275 amp at the DC show and I thought it sounded very nice.  A dealer on Audiogon has it listed (for a new unit) at $2750.
I for a time, I was using a Rogue Cronus Magnum integrated to power my GE Triton Ones.  I didn’t care for it very much. I dislike the sound of the KT120 tubes as they sound a little grainy to me. I eventually went with a McIntosh 200wpc Integrated to drive the Triton Ones and they sound great.  

I am am running the GE Triton Refs speakers with a 300wpc McIntosh power amp and it is even better.  
If I had $5000 to spend I probably would look at the McIntosh amp.
When it comes time to buy I’ll most likely check out the van Alstine.
Good reviews (what doesn’t have good reviews?) and definitely within my budget.

Anyone else have any comments about the Van Alstine?
Take a look at Don Sach's KT88 amp.  It's been getting raves from owners and is in your price range.

If you want to get transparency, then this OTL amp will work.

Also Ralph of AtmaSphere is an active member of Audiogon, he has a good reputation of providing A/S for even used one.

Definitely take a look at Don Sach’s Kootenay 120 KT88 Amplifier! Fully regulated with independent power supplies for each channel and auto bias.

This is what I’m using along with his DS2 Tube Pre utilizing 4 6SN7s and a 6BY5 Rectifier and is just wonderful sounding and like nothing I have owned in the past (within the last 2 years); Vac, Herron, Line Magnetic SET and Vitus.

Don Sach’s equipment is here to stay...