Recommendation for TT power

I have a Nottingham Space 294 turn table. It has a great motor but no power switch. After having moved to a new place, I actually have to climb under the table every time I want to turn on the turntable which is getting annoying. I want to be able to turn on power using a remote. Any recommendations? My budget for this is under $500. Thank you in advance.
I don't think you'll find a remote solution. What you can do, however, is get a speed control. Use the power button on that. Also, it should give you better sound quality. Look at Audio Advisor or Music Direct. They have a few models that are in your price range.
A couple of options you can look into although maybe not "audiophile" rated. One get a switching power center such as a PS Audio that has the 12v switch and have the table turn on and off with any component that has a 12v trigger. Or you can go to Home Depot and they have a few different 120v remote controlled switches. I use these for lamps, fans etc.
Not remote controlled but I use a Phoenix Engineering Falcon PSU on my Notts Ace Spacedeck and get good results as a result.
I believe the table is designed so that when you are done playing an LP you stop the platter with your hand and it should stay stopped.

When you wish to restart it at the next listening session you just give the platter a gentle push and it should start again.
@Viridian, you're 100% correct. However, when I put my hand against the motor, I can feel ever so slight vibration, so it is definitely doing something when it is not spinning the platter - there is no sleep mode in it. I am concerned about long term damage to the motor. It is also waste of electricity.
@Tubehead21 and @Zd542. I think you're both proposing same solution. I will research that and most likely end up going with something along those lines. Thanks a lot folks!
Malammik, the motor was designed to idle on and on forever without any damage. But I do agree it seems like a waste of perfectly good energy.
I believe that you should rethink the designer's intention. The shuddering is normal as there is still a small current going to the motor, which is the way it was designed.

Turning it on and off will lead to much more stress on the electronics and on the motor as I learned with my Logic Tempo which was designed in a similar way. I switched it with a remote controlled wall socket and the motor developed a short within six months.