Recommendation for Sub in a small room

Excuse my noob-esque question, but I was hoping to get some opinions on a possible sub for a small room in an apartment building (typical NYC apartment). I use my current set-up primarily for listening to music (~90%)-- this consists of Arcam AVR350 receiver, Paradigm Studio 20 v5 & Studio CC470.
Oh, I probably should mention the room dimensions are 10.5' X 15'...and that I'd like to keep the cost below $800.

I was considering a Paradigm PW-2200; a PDR 10; or a PS-1200. Then again, I've thought about some Velodyne's - just to confuse myself more. I don't want something so powerful that I pissed off my neighbors (or wife) even more than I've already done with my music - just wanted to supplement the bass on my paradigm's for listening to rock n' roll music (I had a sub that rattled the windows previously - and the wife would kill me if I did that again).

Any suggestions would be welcome.
Get two subs if you can. I have to wharfdale subs running with my mains and like the results of 2 vs 1 sub. Smoother bass response and you can keep the volume low and still enjoy the low notes. I got mine brand new under 500 for both. Good luck.