Recommendation for Speakers & Interconnects cables

Systems: CAT SL1 Ultimate and CAT JL2, AA Capitole MKII
CD player, Talon Khorus X MKII.

Pure Note Epsilon Reference
I use JENA Labs interconnects and speaker cable with Tenor 75wp, AA Capitole MK11, Talon Khorus X MK11.
I recently upgraded to the Pure Note Epsilon ic's and Audience Au24 speaker cables (sc's).

Both have been excellent upgrades.

But I found the Audience Au24 speaker cable upgrade to be quite drastic and exciting. Not to mention, the cable is thinner than your keyboard cable.

You can look at lieder Cables... They have a great line of all silver interconnects and speaker cables...

At the end of the day, it comes down to how the cables sounbd in your system...

BEst Regards
Did you try the Pure Note ER speaker cables with the Pure Note ER interconnects?
Pure Note. See my threads and reviews here. Excellent products!
Lgregoir said it best. You need to hear the cables in your system. Everyone's suggestion is good in the context of their system and sonic preferences, even mine (Sonoran wire);^). But in the end, you have to be happy. Good luck.
Lak, I did not try the Pure Note speaker cables.

Lgregoir and Jcbtubes are absolutely correct. Every system will behave somewhat to much differently to a given cable.

With one amp, the Audience Au24 sc's seemed to strip away some of the dynamic punch in the bass regions. With another amp, I heard dynamic and robust punch and PR&T like I've never heard before.

But in both cases, the Au24's cleaned up a decent amount of grain and time smearing now evident in my previous cables.

In my system I use the Pure Note interconnects amd speaker cable. Amytime I have mixed (including Au24) much synergy and timbre were lost.
Nordost Solar Wind.
Legacy Audio Focus 20/20 loudspeakers with either Analysis Plus Solo Crystal Oval 8 or Discovery Essential speaker cables and ICs. VERY MUSICAL!
Lak, perhaps that is one reason why I have chosen a different system from yours. :)

If you are wanting to buy - BE PATIENT, I have been upgrading my system after 20 years. I was astonished how much improvement had been gained. Home Theater was the begining of my audio quest to begin again. After a long search I found GOLD. A company called HARMONIC TECHNOLOGY,The price was not too much to pay and I found a dealer in the Chicago area (CJS AUD/VID) that didn`t fleece me. Now again I will be commited to the Audioasylm. I am nuts about HarmTechs cables. CJS is a AudiogoN member. Ask for Craig. He give good advise and answeres your E-Mail. RESQUEME
Sonoran Signature cables thru out. Speaker cable, interconnect, digital, power cables. Even internal wiring on my ScIV's are of this same quiet and coherent cable system.