Recommendation for small satellite speakers

I'm looking for recommendations for some high quality, small satellite speakers. These will be wall mounted by brackets.


Tyler Linbrook Mini

The ERA's retail for $600 and come with a wall mount bracket. They use the same tweeter as the VS VR4jr's.

The Tyler mini uses the excellant SEAS drivers but cost twice as much. Tyler also has a $475 (freedom Mini) version using the Vifa ring radiator tweeter and a SEAS woofer. If your looking at the $600 price range, the ERA's are more convenient because they are setup for wall mounting. However, the Tyler is slightly cheaper and Ty can put in threaded inserts for wall mounting. If you can spring for the $1200 Linbrook Minis, then you will get a much better speaker. The drivers in the Linbrook mini's retail for over $600 alone.

I've been lusting after the Linbrook Mini's myself, but I'm having a hard time justifying $1200 for speakers to hook up to a computer.
Linn Katans are available with their own wall mount bracket.
The era 4s come with wall brackets. I don't know how they would compare to the Tylers, but they sound very good for their size, and are capable of real mid bass without the hump. I use the era 4s as surrounds and era 5s up front.

Not to say I don't agree with the previous posts but here is another option. Listen to as many as you can!!!
Look at the KEF eggs. They come with a versatile mount.
the older ones were part of the 2000.5 package - available separately. And they are coming out with the 3000.5s now.

Bob Wood
TBI "Majestic Diamond". This is a new technology speaker about
6 inches square. It is especially good for surround speakers as they can be put right against the wall and the sound seems like it is coming from the entire wall surface. Also, since the load the amplifier "sees" is closer to a resistive load almost any 'ol wire can be used to hook up, a real cost savings for me as I have over 150 feet of surround wire just for the 4 surrounds (7.1 system). Iv'e tried fancy silver wire and fair to good to excellent copper speaker wire as well as plain lamp cord wire with these and 59 cents a foot home depot 14 ga home speaker wire works as good as anything else. I paid $300 (less a show discount) for mine at the 2005 THE show in Las Vegas. This years model has a tweeter attached for better high freq, also have larger models now.
Thanks for the recommendations. I'll check into all the speakers mentioned.
Totem Dreamcatchers. They're made to be wall-mounted, I've been told. I have a pair on a shelf in my office and I like them just fine.
Bose - Top of the line
depends on the use of the speakers, but the svs satellite system with sub simply cant be beat for the money, especially in HT.

here is a review for it
Depending on your overall budget, I would recommend the Blue Sky Media desk or Pro Desk. I haven't come across anything better.
Check out orb audio as well. They are small and fairly inexpensive. I've ordered some for 5.1, I'm a little leary to use something so small for stereo use though.
I'm looking to buy satellite speakers and a modestly priced amplifier to place on top of my large Pioneer Elite 52" TV. The voices coming through the speakers on the TV are often muddled and simply poor quality of sound. Can somebody advise me on this matter? Pioneer put most of its effort into picture quality and not sound reproduction.