Recommendation for small footprint Center channel?

Have a friend who has a limited space to put his Center channel in a HT setup.

Anything decent sounding that is about 6" high and 6 1/2" deep.
Width can be long as it will sit on a fireplace mantel.

Gallo Due, sounds great too.
Shameless plug: I have a Gallo Due for sale and it IS a fantastic center channel speaker - $350. Contact me off-list...

Appreciate the info-likely out of his price range but I will check.
Why do you need a center? If your L-R speakers can generate a decent center image, you might be able to get away without one. Most AV processors have a "phantom" center setting. I have to say I am mostly a two channel guy, so my bias might allow me to live without one.
No disrespect, but that is not the route he wishes to go.
From my experience of actually having a 5.1 system that uses my high end two channel preamp and speakers for L/R-even I want and have a center (RBH 661).

It makes a big difference as a dedicated center does most of the work in movies.