Recommendation for Schubert Piano Trios Op 100

Any particularly exceptional performances of this wonderful work? Whilst I would like it to be in a high resolution format , old fashioned CD would be fine as long as the recording/remastering quality is good.
Thanks in advance
I love this one:
I like the Abegg trio recordings (not just the Schubert). I assume you have heard the Beaux Arts trio, what do you think of that recording?
I prize the Beaux Arts set but I suggested the Storioni for the performance and the outstanding mch recording.

I'm with Kal. The Storioni play beautifully and the sound is warm, detailed, gorgeous. Ditto their Beethoven and Brahms. Wonder why they haven't recorded anything lately for Pentatone?

Steve O.
Thank you . I will order both the Storioni and the Beaux Arts Trio.
Which would you say has the better sound quality between the Storioni and the Beaux Arts Trio when just comparing the redbook layer....not SACD?

I'm using a Naim CDS2/xps and it does not play SACD or upsample, so I'm looking for the best sound for just regular redbook.

Thank you