recommendation for rca interconnect for deeper bass for dac to preamp


I use a synergistic research galileo rca cable from my preamp to the phono but need another rca cable from preamp to digital.  

the combination of my battery preamp and  chord hugo 2 battery dac is incredibly transparent and great PRAT.  I am thinking a rca interconnect between the two that is known for a strong bass (copper?) would be ideal.  I wish I could use the galileo rca for that too but its a pain to keep switching it from phono to digital player and its too pricey to buy another one (especially since play 80 percent vinyl).

Any suggestion for a used rca IC for under 1K used?



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@oldhvymec cables arrived today. I’ve never seen anything like these before. Wild!
I’ve never seen anything like these before. Wild!


Isn’t that something.. I receiver a shipment. It had a couple pairs, and some ribbons. I’m still waiting on a few thing.. Last order 6 day.
How do they do that for that money? Mine were 34.00 a pair. These guys want business. I wonder what the real cost is, parts, labor, shipping, taxes, tariffs and payola? 12.00 a pair?

I’m waiting on a Russian order now, 15 weeks.
Someone slipped up and didn’t pay the payola.. Crooked bunch..:-)

I’m Cooking as I type. Looks like a spaghetti / ribbon factory.

OP got his bass fixed... All that counts for him/her.. 

I ordered up some isolation products,
4 for 28.00 usd. We'll see.
7 - 22.00 ea. vs 75-150.00 + EACH..

@oldhvymec With about 20 hours on them they sound good. For $37 each I'm impressed. I'm letting them run for a few weeks and then I'll swap back to the AQ/Morrow combo. I'm running horns (Klipsch H4's) so your remarks about the speaker ribbon cable is duly noted.