recommendation for rca interconnect for deeper bass for dac to preamp


I use a synergistic research galileo rca cable from my preamp to the phono but need another rca cable from preamp to digital.  

the combination of my battery preamp and  chord hugo 2 battery dac is incredibly transparent and great PRAT.  I am thinking a rca interconnect between the two that is known for a strong bass (copper?) would be ideal.  I wish I could use the galileo rca for that too but its a pain to keep switching it from phono to digital player and its too pricey to buy another one (especially since play 80 percent vinyl).

Any suggestion for a used rca IC for under 1K used?



I may in the minority here but I don’t use cables for tone control. I believe the truth in cables is as pure a signal as it can transmit. I use BlueJeans Cables LC-1 will give you the most accurate frequency response at an affordable price. Happy hunting. 
I also use Blue Jeans Cables LC-1 for my 2 rigs, almost all ICs. SCs also (canare). Moved to BJ the last few months, as they're so neutral (and absurdly cheap).