recommendation for rca interconnect for deeper bass for dac to preamp


I use a synergistic research galileo rca cable from my preamp to the phono but need another rca cable from preamp to digital.  

the combination of my battery preamp and  chord hugo 2 battery dac is incredibly transparent and great PRAT.  I am thinking a rca interconnect between the two that is known for a strong bass (copper?) would be ideal.  I wish I could use the galileo rca for that too but its a pain to keep switching it from phono to digital player and its too pricey to buy another one (especially since play 80 percent vinyl).

Any suggestion for a used rca IC for under 1K used?



I may in the minority here but I don’t use cables for tone control. I believe the truth in cables is as pure a signal as it can transmit. I use BlueJeans Cables LC-1 will give you the most accurate frequency response at an affordable price. Happy hunting. 
I also use Blue Jeans Cables LC-1 for my 2 rigs, almost all ICs. SCs also (canare). Moved to BJ the last few months, as they're so neutral (and absurdly cheap).
+1 tgrisham and raysmtb1! Sane and levelheaded advice! I have reached the same conclusion that all wire sounds the same! If it passes a signal it is fine, regardless of price!


I kid you not!!!! 1K? LOL 39.00 it will blow your mind, did mine..

Do they work? You tell me.

I’ve used them, I’ve made them, and I still use them..

Yea all cable sounds the same...That is pretty funny.. 

I don't think that the OP wants to use cables as tone controls, he simply wants to hear everything there is to hear, including bass.
Now, in a reasonably good system and with reasonably good hearing, cables do not sound the same, though some do sound similarly.
I have Purist Neptune, Wywires Platinum and Tchernov Reference MKII RCAs. The Wywires and Tchernov are not far from each other but still there are clear differences. The Neptune is different. All three give excellent bass and PRAT without artificial exaggeration.
You won't find Neptune or Tchernov used, Wywires sometimes does show up for about $750 RCAs 1 meter pair. either on Audiogon or on Kubala-Sosna is another brand to consider, but I have no personal experience with it, though I trust people I talked to who use them. It's sound signature is closer to Purist, as I understand, even if not necessarily to Neptune model.
You might also consider new Purist Aqueous Luminist, $1200 retail, but I have not heard it.
Overall, of what I know my realistic choice would be Wywires Platinum. It sounds great in my all analogue set-up and it sounded excellent when I tried it with the Burson DAC in my computer based system. 
thanks for the input...

as much as I appreciate bluejeans cables my own experience with their toslink digital cable was that it decent but not as good as the lifatec toslink (sure its $25 versus $100 but the lifatec just immediately sounded better to me.

I just dont believe wire is just wire.....anyone who has ever heard a nordost cable knows its very transparent and fast but not known for deep rich bass....the purist dominus has incredible rich bass and midrange but is rather warm......both cables both excellent at different say all wire sounds the same is to ignore what I hear and feel....

perhaps the blue jean measures as good and perhaps it does not....its a good value but if you only want value isnt this the wrong hobby.....most people would say bose is good enuf and beats headphones and even mp3 is good enuf....would you put cheap tires on a porsche?   in any event there is a lot of equipment and cables that are good value but even that is relative....

I tried tonite an older cerious extreme graphene interconnect (a good value budget cable) and the music sounded very good nothing got in the way of the music. Nothing missing or annoying to it.  However when I swapped in a loaner townshend fractal rca interconnect there was so much more information it as good as my galileo sx unfortunately no because the sx has the same amazing detail and more body to it...but it cost 5x as might just stick with the fractal for now
I would just keep switching cables from phono to dac if I were you, unless it would be too inconvenient.
I suggest you try Auditorium23 cables, easily the most transparent cables I have found
I suggest reaching out to either Audiogon members Wig, williewonka or grannyring and see if one of them will build you a double helix cable (see the thread ). I have them in both of my systems, along with a double helix digital cable in one of the systems.  Very musical
@oldhvymec  Can you elaborate more? I am super interested in your thoughts on this cable
This whole "cables shouldn't be used as tone controls" argument is one of the most bogus in the whole of the audio world.

A cable is a component, right?

We select components based, in part, on whether their sonic profile is warm, neutral, cool, full-bodied, etc. etc, right?

People put Schitt Lokis and Black Ice F360's into their system, right?

Also, the OP is specifically asking for an IC with FULLER BASS, not a random recommendation of your personal fav "best-sounding" cable.

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02-04-2021 9:43am
@oldhvymec Can you elaborate more? I am super interested in your thoughts on this cable.


Their 39.00 USD and some shipping, just order one.. You will be surprised.

If you don't like it is sure is a conversation piece..:-)

You should have seen the look on my buddies face. His Odin II, had a shoot out with Chinese ribbons. That 140.00 cable, was a pure mindblower too the guy who got a 30% discount and still paid, 12K, while WE paid 65 - 200.00 for very VERY good cable.. You have to look and get to know a few folks... They will do anything, (just about) in the name of a sale. 

It has taken from 7 days to 6 weeks for delivery though.. A lot better now..


Siltech interconnects. Transparent and neutral with extended highs and low-end.  Very smooth.

#twoleftears, I tried a bunch of different inner K’NEX and speaker cables and was never sure if there was a difference or not. I ran into this guy‘s video on YouTube and it changed everything for me. Check it out the guy is no joke.
#oldheavymech, Those cables are crazy! I ordered a set I can’t wait to see if there’s a difference
You have a choice. You can either buy another cable, or 2, or 3, or 10, and somewhere convince yourself along the way that the bass is better, maybe you will throw in a cable elevator, or something, and sure, for a day, a week, a month you will be convinced it is ... till it is not.

If you don't have deep / full bass, then cable is not the problem. Period. End of story. What we are talking here is a change that is orders of magnitude beyond what a cable will ever do.  Take your pick:  Amplifier/Speaker issue (possibly, but lowest probability), Your speakers/system just are not up to the task (quite likely), Your speakers and the room as a whole are not up to the task (also likely).

You are looking for an easy solution to a problem, as opposed to facing the problem and fixing it. You are not alone. It is a common affliction amongst audiophiles.
#oldheavymech, Those cables are crazy! I ordered a set I can’t wait to see if there’s a difference.


I was too friggin' nosey NOT to check it out. When I got the silly things 
(I bought two pairs),I took one apart, checked the wire construct, looked at the oil, and tossed it.. I made a pair MY WAY.. :-).
Ground breaking? NO, interesting yes.. Sound wise.. kinda liquid... The sound just slides through the cable.. LOL.. 

Cabling is fun to tinker with, Heavy copper, Heavy bass. The two go hand in hand..

No idea pros and cons. BUT we are an army of TWO..

Do you realize what these weaves and goofy cables cost in any other country.. It cost me 75.00 in labor alone.. I charged myself.. I'm expensive. No cheap western labor here.. Just OLD!!

39.00 how the heck do they do that.. Must make them at the super table.



This cable is really cool to, I use pure copper eyelets, not spade connectors, and cut the opening with a die grinder.. Solder, seal, armor(option) and cook.. BASS perfect, for mid/bass speaker runs.


Actually good bottom to top, perfect for horns. You should hear the older Klipsch with this cable. I’ve NEVER heard better, and heard a LOT worse.. at 100 times the cost.. 100.00 usd vs 10,000.00 usd.
A C note cable beat the pants off Transparent, and MIT. (not hard to do). Easy to match.. A few years back too..

Viborg is tough to beat...

17 awg, and high inductance --- not a great target for a cable, but they sure are purdy!

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02-05-2021 11:18am

17 awg, and high inductance --- not a great target for a cable, but they sure are purdy!
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The oil/tube RCA
A2D, what the heck does oil do? You're all about the science.  Why does it change the wire sound? I drained one and took one out of the silicone cover, all 3 sound different, the oil though... It is really weird.

The speaker IC
The twisty copper conductor, was an  AGon idea, "Use copper tape" is how that started.. 15 years ago and again three years ago.  Then the twist shows up in China.. LOL I think they track AD on the down low...
The money folks are willing to spend, why not?

They are weird looking, that's for sure, No folding either. I didn't measure the bare cable or with ends.. I don't use it, now,  BUT I have.. Great sonics, for round speakers, horns, domes, rings..
Planars/ribbons.. not so much.

It's always copper that comes to the rescue, heavy copper.  What are most of the voice coils wound with? Copper...
I NEVER had a lack of bass, too much.. that's pretty common..

280hz and up planars and ribbons for me.. Who know what they use. :-)

All the twist does is make the wires farther apart (higher inductance) and make the wire effectively longer (higher resistance).

Expect the oil would not do a lot. Already have air around it.
They are a TINY wire too. I have a 3 wire weave SC silver that was the best. It took a while for me to sort out some of these vendors.. MERCY

BUT the weaves and ribbons.. I would be nuts not to try it.. LOL I just kept my mouth shut for the last 10 years...
My German mechanic buddies are the ones that turned me on to them..

They buy a lot of cabling from ALL of it... Environmentally PTFE is a nightmare to manufacture...Always outsourced...
Vinyl is pretty nasty too..

Vinyl (PVC) is the vast majority of wire made. Most plastics are a nightmare to make.
while I believe that some interconnect cables provide more deep tighter bass than other I decided to simply adjust my room acoustics and speaker placement to get to where I wanted to go....problem solved........
Good for you, a cheap solution. BTW, I have the same belief that cables matter.
So, what cable are you using from preamp to amp?

I'm glad you resolved your issue.  I was going to recommend the Purist Neptune interconnect, which, in my system, rendered a very full, but pure and clear tone, but now you don't need it.  Good for you.  
I am alternating between swapping the galileo IC out of the phono for use with digital and debating whether to keep the townshend fractal IC as I have a townshend preamp.

the townshend preamp is a passive preamp and has amazing speed and transparency and combine that with its IC is stunning soundstage (just a tad light on deep bass)....the galileo fixes that problem but to dedicate a separate IC for that for both digital and analog would kill my wallet
I’ve never seen anything like these before. Wild!


Isn’t that something.. I receiver a shipment. It had a couple pairs, and some ribbons. I’m still waiting on a few thing.. Last order 6 day.
How do they do that for that money? Mine were 34.00 a pair. These guys want business. I wonder what the real cost is, parts, labor, shipping, taxes, tariffs and payola? 12.00 a pair?

I’m waiting on a Russian order now, 15 weeks.
Someone slipped up and didn’t pay the payola.. Crooked bunch..:-)

I’m Cooking as I type. Looks like a spaghetti / ribbon factory.

OP got his bass fixed... All that counts for him/her.. 

I ordered up some isolation products,
4 for 28.00 usd. We'll see.
7 - 22.00 ea. vs 75-150.00 + EACH..

@oldhvymec With about 20 hours on them they sound good. For $37 each I'm impressed. I'm letting them run for a few weeks and then I'll swap back to the AQ/Morrow combo. I'm running horns (Klipsch H4's) so your remarks about the speaker ribbon cable is duly noted.