Recommendation for Quad ESL repair -- Sheldon Stokes!

I just had my Quad ESL-63 USA Monitors repaired by Sheldon Stokes. I can't recommend him highly enough! The speakers are late serial number (~1996?), and I bought them in 2008 from a member here on Audiogon. A few years ago they started crackling and hissing and eventually the problem got bad enough that they couldn't be used.

I knew about Sheldon from Quad repair and Dynaco power supply board Internet research. Finally this Winter I got the chance to bring them up to him for repair. I drove them up -- about a 5 hour drive each way, and within a week he had them repaired. He did his complete rebuild on them, including the electronics. He sent me some interesting photos of the speaker rebuild process, and communicated with me along the rebuild path. So, over 20 hours and more than 1000 miles driving over two separate days. I was a zombie behind the wheel, but alert from all the coffee and water I drank.

The result? Amazing!!! I got back my Quads in perfect and new condition. Sheldon is very meticulous in his work; I would say he's a perfectionist. He put new socks on the speakers that look great, and are transparent with sound. He even made the top wood panels look new -- no refinishing I think, just some good furniture oil and elbow grease. On the inside, he re-soldered all solder joints, re-glued the panels and whatever else needed it, and restored the power supply electronics to new.

The sound? Glorious!!! Now I remember why these are one of my favorite speakers of all time. In my apartment's somewhat small living room they have all the bass I need. The midrange is to die for. There is 3-D imaging in spades with lots of air, and a wide and deep soundstage. Vocals are so present and not veiled at all. The timbre of instruments is so present and so enjoyable. Did I mention that have always loved these speakers, and I love them even more now?

A word about Sheldon. When I first contacted him, he mentioned that I could probably do the work myself and pointed me towards sources for the repair kits and parts. I replied that I would like to have his experience involved in the repair. The point -- he is honest and not looking to make a buck when someone can do the work them self. He is very friendly, knowledgeable as his reputation would attest, and such a pleasure to deal with. I cannot recommend him highly enough. He also does repairs on vintage tube gear. I brought my Fisher 400C preamp up to him, and he is currently working on it. Google him if you are interested or in need; his website is great. And, I add, this is honestly an unsolicited review and plug for him and his work.
Noted. Thanks for the info.
@bicycle_man very informative.  Thank you!
My pleasure! Thanks for reading! I am glad it was informative.

Sheldon designed the power supply (ps) boards for Dynaco and other vintage tube amps that are sold at triode electronics. I use his ps boards in my Pas pre-amps, my St70, my Mk. IIIs, and now my Heathkit W5Ms. After buying a bad modern replacement ps can cap for my St70 years ago, I searched for alternatives and discovered his boards through triode electronics. I will never go back to the can caps for power supplies if I can avoid it. His designs fit in seamlessly and work perfectly; they also improve the sound for various technical reasons.
I had four Quad 2905 panels replaced, two in each speaker, by Russ Knotts to fantastic results. If northern Ohio is doable, I would highly recommend Russ. He has a great deal of knowledge and experience with all Quad models as well as other manufacturers and can replace Quad 63's with new old stock.