recommendation for power cables for Gryphon amp

I have learned to appreciate the value of good power cables and would like to upgrade my cables to my bedroom amp.I have a Gryphon stereo Antileon signature amp,this amp requires TWO power cords.I do not want to take a second mortgage to finance the PC.Any recommendations for good cables ,could be new or used listed on Audiogon.Should be under a thousand each.
Hi Ramy,

i think you have advised me in the past, and i've always appreciated your help. i own a Gryphon Antileon and also a Zanden DAC, so we share some components in common. My entire PC loom is PAD Dominus/Anniversary Contego...except that the last 2 PC purchases have been from a new company called Sablon Audio. I know Mark Coles, the founder, but am not in any way affiliated with him. Just a very satisfied consumer...check out the review on Positive Feedback.

The cable is called the Robusto and is comfortably within your stated budget for each cord. Soundwise the standout characteristics are very black background and a very natural sense of clarity. They are more lively than the PAD...again always natural...and thus i think it could be a worthwhile match for you to consider with your Gryphon. Hope that helps. Enjoy!!!!!!

I have the Antileon signature and tested many cables.

the best results were with Stealth Audio DREAM and for a step up in price and performance Jorma Prime.

interesting...i have heard the same. i know someone who has a killer system and has switched to an entire loom of Jorma. The question is...aren't they more than USD $1,000 per cable? Perhaps s/hand they are under $1000, not sure.

I thought Gryphon had no US distributor. How do you buy them ? Manufacturer direct? How do you audition them even more importantly? I think it is always helpful to see which cords they use at shows and demos, but don't recall them being in the US market lately.
i believe you are correct, mechans. i am not aware of a distributor in the US. Contact the manufacturer. Niels is quite helpful in service and quite responsive. They sell their own powercords, but i have found they respond quite well to PAD. hope that helps.
Gryphon is currently not available in USA and products are not sold direct.
If you are in fact Gryphon could I be your distributor? I am currently not working. I am passionate about, love and know something about audio.
All I need is a little start up money to put together a showroom/office, storage facilities, inventory/stock, advertizing budget, service department facilities with parts and test equipment english speaking technical support, language courses for me and my staff, US compliance certifications, etc. and a list of established wealthy clients who have USA residential properties or embassys or other leads etc.
Maybe the federal goverment can help us out with international trade relations issues. Another US manufacturer of component elements for your company in a quid pro quo deal and of course small business loans guaruntees. What do you say?
i have had very good sonic results using the siltech power cords with my gryphon colleseums, and mirage preamp.
word is that gryphon uses siltech cables for their own private label.... the ruby mtn .cords on the amps brought great more details ,bass slam, and render a very quiet background.hope this helps.
None of Gryphons cables can be found in the Siltech range. Gryphon has shared the Silver/Gold fusion technology with Siltech in one cable introduced 4 - 5 years ago.
The Gryphon range of cables - incl. powercords - are unique and developed by Gryphon.
Well if I can't be the electronics distributor can I import your cable line? I am thinking about a number of now orphaned Hi End Audio to represent as a group. Jadis need NA representation now as well. I am also thinking in getting a consortium together to produce the Western Electric 300B in this country again and some other tubes as well. Only top notch stuff.
If you have a business proposal to Gryphon, you should contact the company direct. Contact details are on
Thank you for all the inputs.I have temporarily connected the gryphon to the Isoclean Super Focus.They sounds good ,however I have not compared them to other high end power cords.
Hi Ramy,

how is it going on cable? thanks for any updates.
I Think the cables for the Isoclean Super focus sound ok on the Gryphon amp.However I am having a serious problem finding the right power cables for my main amps in my main system.The configuration is as follows,one PC from the preamp to the German Physics X-Over,sound independent of that PC,from the X-Over to 2 mono amps YBA passion 1000 for above 180hz, and 2
mono amps NEMO Electrocompanient for the low frequency ,less than 180 Hz.My main problem is with PC for the Nemos,when I use the Virtual Dynamics Reference I get way too much bass,muddy bass.That was no good,so I am now trying the PS Audio PC-12,better than the VD but not as good as a stock cable.Any ideas,please help.
Jorma Origo.
Hi Ramy,

Sorry to hear of your challenges. I am no expert, but i have had my share of "challenges" over the years with integrating a new component/cable into the system. There are (at least) two possibilities here:

1. the VDR is balanced to have more bass, or is not a good match with the Nemo...and you need to find a better match to demonstrate the Nemo's evident capabilities.

You may find old reviews about Nemo (i literally have read every single article on every single component i own or have seriously auditioned...just to pick up any experiences from reviewers about speaker placement, odd mis-matches with cables, etc).

2. On the other hand, it might be that the cable is allowing more power thru the Nemo...and the Nemo is responding with far great weight/impact...and your speakers perhaps need to be repositioned for this. i do not know your speakers...but your post makes me wonder. If you are hearing "too much bass" (and if you think the VDR is suppposed to be a reasonably balanced cable)...perhaps you need to reposition your speakers (ie, further from wall, further apart, watch side walls...all the things that can make a speaker "boomy or muddy" in the bass).

The reason i suspect either option is because you say the stock cable is better than VDR. Some stock cables are truly excellent, and some manufacturers select their stock cables very carefully...but generally i have found if you get a high quality cable, you will hear certain improvements...not necessarily worth the money, not even necessarily all good (ie, mis-matches in cable/equipment) but given your lack of success in finding any cable to improve the stock cable, i do wonder about that.

my 2 cents. pls post back and let us know how the PS cable works out. good luck.