recommendation for phono pre amp and mc cartridge, around 1000$ each

i’m using well tempered classic tt and arm.
it’s not heavy arm, think between light to medium ,not sure.
i’m giving this info since i know that it’s important to cartridge match.
the phono should have at list up to 60 db, so i can use MCLO cartridge.
and have several loading and gain settings.

is there any advantage to a low output Mc compare to high, or mid?

not sure if this important but i am listening to variety kinds of music.
jazz, rock , classical

thanks to anyone that will help.


thanks donvito looks like good instrument.
just wan to be sure, when you said "The mass of that arm is 10 grams" you meant to my well tempered arm?
i didn't have thin info.

yes unfortunately the WT have azimuth control issues, along with other issues.
i guess i will also replace it sometime.
so just to sure i understood.
you wrapped around the full length of the arm that white plumbers Teflon tape? 
like this one?


question is what version  of arm they talking about, since the upgraded it on the late 90's, and that the one i have.
not sure but i think that the previous one was lighter,