Recommendation for new cables

Hi everyone. I'm planning to recable my system which is currently composed as follows: ARC Ref 3 (preamp), ARC Ref 110 (amp), dCS Bartok (DAC/streamer) + dCS Rossini (external clock), Accuphase dp67 (cd transport only), Wilson Sophia 2 (speakers) and Roon Nucleus.

Ideally, I'd like to use only one brand to have synergy across the system and I'm not planning to spend crazy money.

I've been recommended to go for Transparent Audio Ultra but would love to see other potential options.

What would you recommend based on my system? Also, where would you start from?

Thanks in advance.
I'd tell you anything BUT Transparent. Had them and first not worth the price but more importantly took the life away from the music.

Cables are very system dependent. Look at systems that are similar to yours and see what they are using. You can search systems here. Power cables will make the most difference.

I have a system similar to yours and I use all Shunyata cables. My interconnects are older Shunyata Zitron Cobra XLR. The Cobra are great cables and the difference between the Anaconda is not that much. My speaker cables are Shunyata Zitron Anaconda. Again there is not a big difference from the Cobra. My power cables are mostly Shunyata Zitron Alpha but I have a couple Black Mamba. The Black Mamba are an excellent cable but have a bit of a following. So the price can be all over the place. I paid around $275. each when I originally bought mine.

 I tried numerous brands of cables when I was looking. I found that Synergistic Research and Shunyata were two that worked extremely well. And I thought Shunyata offered the best value. It is easiest to tell with power cables. My ARC dealer recommended Kubala-Sosna or Nordost Heimdall 2. I found the Shunyata to be far better in my system. Remember that ARC Ref gear uses 20 amp power connectors.

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i’ve had great success with AQ’s all silver interconnects coupled with one of their higher end all copper loudspeaker cables. If you can afford AQ silver spkr cable definitely go for it.
I too have a Bartok and Wilson yvette’s. Good stuff. 
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What would you recommend based on my system?
Nothing. This has nothing to do with your system. People who talk about synergy and system matching are so lost there isn't enough rope in all the world to reach even one of them.  

Also, where would you start from?

Only place it makes any sense to start from: you! What do YOU want in terms of sound? What can YOU afford? Not one bit of useful information on any of that so far but that's never stopped anyone and so they forge on ahead telling you what THEY want. Which may or may not have anything to do with what YOU want.  

If you like the sterile technical sound of digital and Wilson that's fine, you just need to know yourself enough to know that and then look for more of that. Or if you want more depth and realism, or more dynamics, or whatever, what exactly it is doesn't really matter all that matters is its what YOU are looking for. 

Since these things are almost impossible to describe accurately the only thing that has ever made any sense to me is to listen critically to what's there now, see how others describe it, and then use these comparisons to start to get a handle on what exactly it is that you're looking for. 

Otherwise until then all anyone can do is throw darts. Stand back, here comes another one....
Owned similar system and have used Transparent cables and MIT CABLES extensively....yes I’ve tried the rest as well. Thee best experience and value available today is the MIT REV line from Joe Abrams at Equus Audio....absolutely stunning!! Huge soundstage, dynamic with superb tonality and low level detail! Holographic and expressive like no will get goose bumps. I use the REV 50 XLRs, REV 60 BiWires and the AC2 REV power cords! SOTA sound and guaranteed for life:)

I'd agree with @lalitk on this. I've just started my journey with Audio Envy about a month ago, but I can tell you that the two power cords I purchased both significantly bettered the $1k power cords they replaced. Really, I couldn't believe how well they work in my TAD Evolution 1 system. Will be ordering more soon.
Auditorium23 great sounding copper cables that pair well with tubes and are also relatively affordable.
Simple audioquest type 4's for speakers is all you need. No need to spend more. An affordable and balanced cable, what more can one ask for? There are a host of uk products for interconnects, including Qed, Atlas, chord, and ecosse. They all offer affordable versions that do the job. I use interconnects from each aforementioned company with good success. 
Try looking into Morrow Audio and see whether their cables are a good candidate.
I can’t recommend buying cables based on Forum recommendations.  These guys are all trying to be helpful, but everyone’s system is nearly unique and cables will interact almost uniquely with everything you’ve got.

If you’re not near a dealer that will let you try them, go to The Cable Company, or someone like them, who will let you try cables in your system until you find some you like.

I bought some Audio Envy based on comments here, just out of curiosity (I couldn’t find anyone who let you try them) and although they are very good for the price, my 25 year old Gryphon cables beat them soundly.  You got expensive gear, I’d shoot for something better.
Ramble through the cable mire for years if you wish....or just get the MIT REV’s and enter Nirvana!  FYI...30 day trial with shipping covered both ways!
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All  things considered Analysis Plus are best cables around .MIT is very good but if I was a super-rich  I would  not pay 5 grand for a
a few feet of wire in a world where 20, 000 children starve to death  every day.I can see me trying to explain that to God .
Whatever you do - DON'T go to The Cable Company,  They will rip you off.  They promise you can return cables, but ends up being store credit. Plus if you need a cable library to buy cables, you have other issues. Suggestions above are based on experience - pick one.  
+1, rdk777.
I can’t recommend The Cable Company based on my experience....their customer service is not what it used to be. Unless you’re ready to drop 6 figures on cables, you will be forever in the ‘queue’ for cable trial. I waited over 2 months for USB cable trial and the excuse I got from Peter, “sorry we forgot about you”.
I would recommend looking at analysis plus, especially the golden oval for reference level and their silver or nordost. Have great synergy with them and my system.
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There is a lot of good product on the market, and a lot of not-so-good product as well.  How does one choose?

The recommendations here can lead you to becoming dizzy.  Nobody means harm, it's just that there are so many choices.

If it's a one-brand way that you wish to do your system than I wholeheartedly can recommend Audioquest.  That's what I did and couldn't be more happy.  Go to their website and look at the left side column for categories.  Near the bottom you will find a PDF for the 2020 Retail Price Book (unless they have already replaced it with the 2021 edition).  The first pages tell a great story about their design philosophy and offers quite an education on metals, extrusion, and other materials that make up their cables.  Each product category also has a nice story about the respective products and models.  Even if you choose a different brand, you will have learned quite a lot from reading the Audioquest information.

Best to you, I hope that you land on products that are satisfying to your needs.
I’m hearing a lot of good about Tellurium and have listened to Silver II which brought great improvements with my B&W 800 D3s. 
What are you going to do with your old cables?  Want to donate them to a good home?
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You would be wise to seriously look at Luna Cables.  They make 5 different grades so any budget will work.  Talk to Danny Labrecque.  He's a half owner and personally hand makes each cable.  I bought their Noir (black) cables (the highest level) for my entire rig.  They completely transformed my system, which is comprised of the Naim NAC 500 amp, Naim NAD 552 pre-amp, Naim CD 555, Kuzma Stabi XL TT with Naim SuperLine phone stage ,a Revox PR99 MK II reel to reel, and Grandinote Mach 36 speakers (the only pair in the world).

As each Luna cable was substituted for other ones (too many to mention), the improvement was astounding.

Luna is a fairly small, but rapidly growing, company based in Quebec.  Excellent customer service matched only by the excellence of their products!
Audio Bacon, who compares/reviews many audio cables, suggested using The Cable Company lending library to try out cables which is not the same as buy-try-return. 
Your desire for only one brand to have synergy across the system is unlikely to provide that to your quality components.

Except for cable companies that use magnets or filter boxes or liquid metal in their cables you are probably not going to find a 'house sound'

I build my own cables and do not understand how a cable company could ensure that all cables produced by them exhibit the same style of portraying the signal. Lets take for example single strand OCC solid wire which I like and use a lot. This is great for internal speaker wiring, interconnects and speakers cables but not easy, though not impossible, to use for power cables. The single solid core does not allow for a flexible joint and is subject to fatigue and failure which for a power cable could prove dangerous.

So a manufacturer might build using solid core wire for his cables except where he sensibly would choose stranded for the power cables and in doing so would upset the house sound. There is more to this but the point I am trying to make is that cabling from only one brand does not guarantee synergy. In fact it's more likely to prevent it!
Wiring a system is an iterative process. An example : you obtain 3 power cables to try and you find PC No.1 to sound best. Next you do the same with 3 different interconnects, make your choice and then repeat this with speaker cables and find now that there has been a big upgrade in performance.

Now just for fun you go back and re-listen to the power cables and now with the effect of the new IC and speaker cables installed you find it much easier to hear differences and perhaps resulting in PC No.2 to now be clearly the best and on it goes.

Good luck with your quest.
“Your desire for only one brand to have synergy across the system is unlikely to provide that to your quality components”


I beg to differ at least in case of analog cables. Digital cables are all together different animal and require some tinkering. I do not believe in cables with ‘gimmicks’ and after hearing all analog OCC copper cables from Audio Envy, I can say unequivocally that cables can be as transparent as ‘water’ thus devoid of any house sound. The synergy in my system is simply off the charts between AE power, speaker and IC’s :-)
AE uses OCC copper in their PC, Speaker and IC’s.

Hi lalitk, yes we agree OCC cables are excellent and find I mostly prefer solid. If you read my post again you will see we are on the same page

Regarding my sentence : “Your desire for only one brand to have synergy across the system is unlikely to provide that to your quality components” 

You may notice in the above sentence that I mentioned 'unlikely' and was not intending it as a  'will definitely not'.
    This is a hard question to answer as it’s your system and your ears . One generalization that I’ll suggest is system brightness . If you have any glare or brightness , I’d avoid any cables with silver . I also believe that it you replace just your favorite source and/ or pre amp with a given brand, you’d have a good idea of the flavor that brand would bring . So I tried Anti Cables and then Morrow this way . My system has Morrow level 4 IC’s, Speaker cables and power cords . Also Morrow takes 400 hours to break in . I paid for extended break in time for the IC’s but not the speaker cables or power cords . The 2 brands I mentioned paired well with my system as it was too bright with any silver in the cables or Silver plates on my driver tubes . I do however use a Shunyata Venom 20 amp to feed my Richard Gray power filter and a Cardas Clear to connect my laptop to my Schiit Yiggy DAC . Also during this process I changed my outlets to medical grade Hubble and cleaned/treated all my connections with Deoxit . Happy hunting, Mike. 
I recommend Silver Smith fidelium speaker cables (1k). They are amazing for the price and are truly reference quality. I have tried many speaker cables (3-5K) and this bested them all. Read reviews too, they are all true, every word of it. I did not believe it until I heard. Best part is you can trial it for a month and if you don't like it, you can return it. Don't pass this cable on without trying it. For IC, you will not go wrong with Shunyata lines. For power cords, I have heard that Clarity Vortex (400$) are very good and even they offer trial. I have personally not heard these, but a fellow audiophile, whom I trust, has changed all his power cords (expensive named brands) for those and he is very happy. Just my 2 cents. 
Two really good options without going absolutely crazy on money:
1)   Synergistic Research Foundation series
2)   Grover Huffman Express series 
WireWorld Series Eclipse 7 often available at a vg price since the series 8 intro

He has been designing cables for over 30 years