Recommendation for Music/Movies - B&W, Paradigm...

Hello everyone, I'm new here. I've been trolling for ages, but finally registered, and this is my first post.
Can someone please recommend me a speaker with-
fast, yet weighty bass
clear midrange
and class-leading treble resolution
the impedance curve should be somewhat high near the upper mid-bass and
therefore I'm looking for something a little bright but not sharp, forward, but not forgiving.
It's to be used a maximum distance of 12 feet away, for movies (50%) and music (50%). Source is a HTPC or Oppo BD-83, amplification is Onkyo TX-SR707 ( 4 ohm speakers are out of the question I think ), but if the speakers are really worth it, I might add a beefier power amp to the equation...
-Hopefully from a product line that makes good center, rear and surround speakers, which I might want to add in the future as the budget allows... [ but this is not extremely important ]
-No room treatment
-Very odd shaped room :(
-It should be able to play loud without any distortion, and more importantly, excel at low listening levels 70% of the time I won't be able to crank it as I'm in a second floor apartment
-I also don't want to have to park my butt in a single sweet spot the whole time just to enjoy the music, but in the end this is a small sacrifice
-Not sure if I should go with a bookshelf ( B&W 705, 805, Paradigm S4) with a sub or a floor-stander ( B&W 804, Mythos STS or even Focal 816V etc )
These are some of the best reviewed pieces of kit I've seen. I don't have the opportunity to audition. I also notice that the B&W series usually gets snapped up very quickly here on Audiogon, that's more significant to me than most of the reviews I've been reading the last couple of months. They seem like a 'safe' choice, and with resale value ( I'm a foreign student who has a maximum of two years left in this country) I don't have any speakers yet, I've been putting this system together for a while and in a few weeks I'll be ready to go, hopefully.
I am at the $1600 mark, I don't know how much more I should save up because the rest of my electronics are 'mainstream'. I've been eating Ramen noodles since January to save up this much, please help me make the right decision!
I use a Cambridge 540R HT with BW 602's as my main speakers not high end but great sound. I like the B&W's and think they make a great economical choice or you could go with their 603 floorstanders and use the 602/1's for rear speakers
Hi Grinnel. I'm sure I can get more for this amount of money, used. I've seen some really good ( supposedly better than B&W 600 series ) for around that much used...

Want something that will let me grow with this hobby as I swap out the other components...
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I think you want some warmer speakers to go with the Onkyo. I would look at the B&W CM5, PSB Image B6 (nominally 6 ohm impedance), Paradigm SE3, Swan D2.1SE+ and Quad 12L2.
I think I'm gonna go with bookshelf speakers. If you do your homework around the interwebs, you quickly realize that even folks that have humongous 3-way floorstanders still need subs ;)

I'd also appreciate the versatility, i.e. getting a set of stands that brings the tweeter to ear-level...

I also think that a distance of 12 feet away, a small speaker will invariably image better...but I'm just assuming

I'll look at some of the speakers you've all recommended but I have a gut feeling about b&w.

The best thing about going with bookshelf speakers and a sub, is that you don't have to look for a do-it-all speaker, or one with "amazingly big sound for its size", or "surprising bass extension"

Just clarity and treble resolution....
All the speakers I recommended were stand mounts except the Paradigms - I think their better stand mounts would not match as well with the Onkyo. Good luck.
I know, I was just referring to the initial post, where I asked for feedback on some of the floor-standing models... I've all but abandoned that avenue.
I think I'm going with ATC. Heard the SCM 19 today, frankly I don't think it can get much better than that. Of course the amplification was top notch, but I'm sure in a few months I'll have enough for a Gamut.

Kudos to B&W and Paradigm marketing though, almost had me
That is like asking us whether you should buy a Honda or a Ford, and then telling us you would really prefer a Jaguar. I like Jaguars too. You will enjoy your new speakers.
Knownothing, I was really thinking about buying speakers without auditioning them...

I'm not going to buy the SCM 19's, but rather the SCM 11.

I wouldn't say it's a Honda, Ford ...Jag comparison, because everyone knows that ATC has obvious flaws too, and the price range is still the same.

I'm going to have to sell the Onkyo receiver though.

I checked out all of your recommendations though.
No worries, you are on the right track.