Recommendation for low to normal level listening a 13.5' x 21' x 8' room

Appreciate your advice on speaker selection and what I should spend proportionate to the rest of my system.  Recently retired and moved to Atlanta, I am restructuring my system, going from 2 systems to 1. Dedicated listening room measures 13.5' x 21' x 8', is carpeted and will have diffusers and absorptive panels.  I listen mainly to jazz. I would like to make this speaker purchase my last.

I've owned Bohlender Graebener and currently own Eminent Technology LFT8B hybrid planar speakers, also own Talon Raven C.  I like the sound of the Talons and the openness of the ETs.  However the ETs aren't as refined a sound as I'd like (the Talons are more so).  Neither speaker is particularly alive at lower volume levels, and more engaging lower level listening is one of my goals.  I like a natural sound that is non-fatiguing.  While imaging is nice to have, it is less critical to me than the overall sound.  I want openness and as I age, the top end needs to be present and not rolled off but not over emphasized.  I also like enough base response that the sound is balanced.  Finally, I want a enough of a dynamic sound to accurately portray the music as it has been recorded.


The rest of my system includes:

Chapter Audio Chapter 2 amp

Cary SA_200.2 Moon version amp (with volume control)

SAS Audio hybrid tubed line stage preamp

Classe CT-SSP processor

Eastern Minimax phono stage

Musical Fidelity A5 CD

Metronome tubed CD player

A number of mid-fi turntables including Technics SP15, Yamaha PX2, Lenco 75.  I also have a very cool  massive 16" transcription turntable from the old CBS radio station in Chicago that is a future project.  Cartridges are on the low end (Denon103 and Hana) and I plan to upgrade.

Mosscade Saturn 12 subwoofer

I intend to sell off what I won't keep to help fund my purchase.  My budget is $5K - $10K and I prefer pre-owned to get the biggest bang for my buck.  I have my eye on a pair of pre-owned SoundLab Majestic 845, but I have never heard an electrrostat and there doesn't seem to be a dealer within a reasonable drive of me. Also I'm not sure if my room would be too small to optimize the 845s and I will do most of my listening within 8' -12' of the speakers. I also am considering Maggies and I will be auditioning an Acoustat 2+2 locally.  

I recently listened to Klipsch Forte 2s and Belles.  I liked the Forte's base and the midrange of the Belles.  I did not care for the top end of either as it seemed recessed and lacking air.

My electronics (except maybe the Chapter 2 amp) aren't the highest caliber so I'm open to any suggestion to maximize my sound.  I don't have unlimited funds to churn thru equipment until I find what I like and I am frustrated with the lack of opportunity to audition the equipment I've researched that seems to be what I'd like.  So, your input will mean a lot to me.  Thanks in advance.




3rd for Sonus Faber. Relaxed presentation, very musical, amazing at low volume as well.

Have you heard of Super Clef Elite TL from Speaker Art? 

The late Bob Gross of the fame Clef and many other's.

I've been building his speakers using is old stock parts and cabinets. Building his crossover using his schematics I got from his wife. Super Clef 3's and the Clef TL are truly amazing speakers. 2wy using a 8" with 1" Scan Speak tweeters. The TL goes down close to 22hz. 

The recommendations for Klipsch, JBL, larger speakers that are tube friendly, and paper drivers, are good recommendations all.  I think in that arena the Klipsch will get you some of the dynamics you are looking for even above others in that ‘genre’.      To add to these, if you can audition (I think there was a dealer in Atlanta at one point, not sure if still there) I would try to audition some Tannoys.  Great at lower levels.  Also the Devore Orangutans might be a good one to audition if possible.  You might want to build your room out first though, depending on the carpeting, liveliness of the room, etc, some speakers may sound dead, too bright, or ‘just right’….  With this type of sonic goal and these types of speakers I would be careful not to over dampen the room.

Recently, I completed a speaker build for a customer/partner/friend. It was the Orfeo model designed by Tony Gee of Humble Homemade Hi-Fi. Hate the trade name but let me get right to it. The drivers used in this model are from Scan Speak, and low level listening was among the most impressive that I had ever heard. In fact, I have an order to be filled at least for the mid woofers at this moment. I must admit, it was the mid bass that I couldn't get over. I felt like I had missed out on a lot with many other speaker builds.  Also surprising to me was the fact that the sensitivity is rated at 87db/watt. I was using a 50 wpc amp to break them in. 

 One piece of advice, don't overdrive your room with too big of speaker. Too much is too much. My room is very close to the dimensions of your room.