Recommendation for interconnect and speaker cables

I'm trying to make my way through the choices of cables for my new system. I have a pair of Thiel 2.4 speakers, a Krell 300iL integrated amp and a couple of NAD components. I obviously want cabling that does not detract from the sound that these components will display, but I also want something that is fairly cost effective. Any thoughts out there? Thanks
Hello Shimdog,What are you using now ,and what do you like,dislike about the sound and how much are you looking to spend? I really like the Puristaudio Museaus line,Buy used if possible and you can get most of your money back if your not happy,Peace,Ray
Try Blue Jeans cable. Excellent product @ real world prices. Used in recording studios. why pay more for snakeoil.
Gregg Straley's cables. They beat cables that cost 3 times as much in my system as well as several other people I know.
consider elemental cable. i believe they have a favorable return policy.

with respect to the interconnect, i suggest you select bullet plugs instead of cardas connectors.
Your system is of sufficient quality that I suggest you get cables that offer a high performance-to-price ratio. The Alpha-Core Goertz MI2 speaker cable would be my first recommendation to you, followed by the Kimber Kable 4TC.

For interconnects, I'd suggest any of the following (in ascending price): Kimber Hero; Nordost Blue Heaven; Synergistic Research Alpha Sterling.
Shimdog, I would recommend that you add to your audition list Acoustic Zen's Matrix reference II and Satori speaker wire, both can be gotten at great prices used, and would sound great in your system.
Siltech Classic LS-88 Loudspeaker Cables and Siltech Classic SQ-28 Interconnects. Siltech cables synergize very well with Krell amps. You will notice a less fatiguing, more natural, and much more refined sound.
Count me another member of the Straley brigade, especially with the optional upgrade OFC RCA's on the IC's. Also, Gregg's speaker cable is even more three dimensional and detailed than the very satisfying Alpha-Core MI-3 (bigger brother to the MI-2) when auditioned in my system which shares no components with yours. Moderate pricing, very high end results.
Audiogon direct sellers, like Gregg, promote the idea of a home listening trial since it all comes down to hearing what you prefer in your own distinctive setup. An additional advantage is that he cryo treats, plus breaking in, his wiring before you get it, so it doesn't take very long to decide its superior character in your system.
I also would like to mention my favorite in the even lower cost category, Audiogon member, Joemazzaglia, who directly sells (and, sporadically auctions) his Auricle Audio Design analog and digital IC's of unique construction. These also reveal their final sonic character in a relatively brief time. Especially when on auction, these wires are his gift to the Audiogon nation.
Both of these manufacturers provide an ear-opening revelation of how very far up the audio ladder one can get at their respective prices.
I'd reccomend: Alpha-core, WireWorld or Straightwire.
I really like the Gabriel cables I bought on Audiogon. Plus they were relatively reasonable in price. I think they're only available on Audiogon auction although they come up used occassionally.
I just spun up a half-dozen Chris VenHaus silver IC's ( VERY NICE....and for the money it takes, even nicer. They are easy to assemble & look great as well.
Alfa Core Goertz MI-2's for speaker cables, Eichmann's for IC's.