Recommendation for Integrated Amp with Tone Controls

Hi, I am looking for recommendations for a good integrated amp with tone controls. I want something more attractive than a NAD with enough power to give me some flexibility. Max of $1000 to spend. I am looking for a keeper for the long term.

Sadly enough most audiophile grade amps don't have tone controls but I do find myself missing something if I can't turn the treble up a little bit. Maybe I have some hearing loss from blasting Guns N Roses when I was a teenager. Thanks for the help!
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If you use computer audio as source, you can do EQ digitally and then are free to use any amp you prefer. Cheers,
+1 Spencer but if that is not an option I would suggest looking for a Vincent sv 236 mk.

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Hi sbank,

I use a Sonos Connect. Not sure how I would digitally alter that source. The other issue would be TV broadcasts. My audio needs to do double duty.


Is used gear an option?
A restored "vintage" piece might be your best bang for the buck. The Sansui Integrateds seem to have a loyal following, and could be found within your budget. Accuphase and McIntosh gear of the same vintage might be a little outside your budget, but would be worth looking into.
A good friend who produces some of the live shows I mix has had a Vincent 236 for a while (uses the  Silverline Prelude main speakers I own, and it's where I first heard those) and it's a beast. The pics of these things don't convey how massive they are, and it sounds great (he loves the thing)…plus it has tubes in the front end so there's that. Getting a used one of these things is absolutely worth it if only for the "price per pound"…I have a Vincent/Kavent balanced preamp (Kavent S-33 same damn thing as the Vincent SA-93) with similar extreme heavy duty design (the preamp is clad in 1/4" aluminum, and it comes with a built in cigarette lighter…uh…wait…actually it doesn't, but still…) and it's amazingly good.
Actually the Sonos has an eq option in the settings.

Thanks chrshanl37! But I thought that only applied to the speakers with built in amps?
Take a look at the Marantz US | PM8005. It's a bit over your limit but it may be what you're looking for. I have a PM-15S2b and it does great for double duty (music and movies) and has the tone controls you desire.

I believe it (like my Reference Series) is made in Japan and not China.

All the best,

Brime, I noticed that you were very clear on wanting tone controls, and an attractive piece at your stated budget.  I'm afraid you're going to either have to buy used, or up the budget as Nad has the bang for buck market cornered in the under $1000 price range.

Marantz might be another option, but will it blend well with your speakers?  Will it be enough power?  .
Vintage restored Pioneer SX-1080 will outperform most current ones in price range.
What does everyone think of Yamaha integrated amps? Either the AS-801 or AS-1000 are within my budget, have tone controls, and an attractive vintage look. 
I have both Pioneer SX 737 and Marantz 2070 vintage receivers that I did partial restorations on with new filter caps. The Marantz is an amazing performer, with the Pioneer perhaps 80% of the 2070's performance sonically. I would get a good 2045 or higher model Marantz receiver from the mid 70s and simply enjoy. The build quality is excellent and the sound is very musically satisfying. Plus is has tone controls!
It's in the settings on your connect. 
I think the Yamaha A-S1000 is wonderful.  It definitely has some real power at "only" 90w/channel and is built like a brick.  Have not heard the 801 but have heard really good things about it.

If you'll consider used, the Anthem 225 is powerful with tone controls. (I own it and bypass the tone controls.) 225 wpc will energize anything I have. There are several reviews online. 

I think list is $1800 or so, but I bought mine for under $1000 shipped with money leftover.

Regarding looks, I like it but you may not...
I second the idea of electronic eq. Audirvanna has it. Another idea is used Yamaha as series. They look great and have a nice laid back sound. There are great deals from time to time online for these. 
What does " more attractive than a NAD " mean? Better looking?

Anyway, for this budget doubt you'll do better than a used NAD C375 (~$700 used), has tone controls and the ability to switch them out.
I owned the Vincent sv-226, little brother to the sv-236. It was a great integrated. Wish i never sold mine.  A used 236 at $1000 would be on my short list if in that market.
Yeah that Vincent is really cool.

I am still considering the NAD series of integrated amps but I can't get past the looks. 
If I were going based on looks I'd get the Vincent or maybe a vintage received of which I've owned many. If I were going based on sound, I'd still get a Vincent. I ran across a smoking deal on an sv 237 so I snatched it up for a second system but I liked it so much I sold my separates.  It's a keeper for sure.
If you don't have a local Vincent dealer, Synergy Audio in PA is a dealer/installer/setup guy who knows a bunch about Vincent and has high integrity. If you are in driving distance he really knows how to conquer room issues via calibrated testing & treatment. Cheers,