recommendation for inexpensive CDP

I'm putting together a really inexpensive system around a pair of Omega super 3's-
Looking for ideas for the cd player: less than $300(marantz 5400, nad 521bee etc.)- probably new- don't care about dvd, sacd ,fbi, cia etc.
thanks in advance for the feedback-
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I have been using a Philips 963SA dvd player in the bedroom. And it sounds great. I do like the upsampling. You can get one for under $300 used. I had been using an Marantz, don't remember the model, about 3 years old. The Philips just does a better job on the music.
I have a Sony 7700 dvd player in my second system. It also is an excellent player for cds--great transport, solid built good investment. They have sold used on Agon for $200-300; cost new $1000.

There are several inexpensive Toshiba DVD players that cost between $50 (for a DVD/CD player) to $150 (for a universal DVD/CD/SACD/DVD-A player. They sound decent enough stock, but if you're willing to put another $50-100 into them and can soldier a little bit they sound very nice indeed.

Here's my notes on modding the Toshiba SD4960 universal player (about $119 at or Amazon):

I sold my Sony CDP-XA20ES not too long ago, it was a mistake the player was that good for the $300.00 range! It was variable out, with volume control on the remote.
Marantz CD67SE over $100 and under $300
Marantz CD17 MK II over $300 and under $500
If you want to buy new, you should consider a Cambridge Audio Azur 340C CD player -- available for $279 from, 1-800-942-0220. It includes a 24/96 Crystal DAC and has decent specs. Personally, I'd suggest you buy used, since CD players depreciate rapidly.
Good Players to consider if you can find them for under $300:
-- Arcam Alpha 7 or 7SE
-- Arcam DiVA CD62
-- Rega Planet (original model)
-- Marantz CD67SE
Decent CD players you can probably find for under $300:
-- Cambridge Audio D300, D500 or D500SE-- NAD C520 (one currently listed on eBay)
Acceptable CD player you might get for under $100 if you can find one:
-- Sony CDP/XE400