Recommendation for Improvement over McCormack DNA-225

I currently have a McCormack DNA 225 mated with a VTL 2.5 and Line Magnetic 502 DAC powering my Salk Veracity HT3's. I think it sounds really nice but can definitely have some top end harshness, especially at the volumes I like to listen to.  I consider the Salk's are fairly power hungry in the low end (as confirmed with Jim Salk), can anyone recommend a SS amp with as much grunt as the McCormack in the range of 2K plus or minus.  Sure I would like a Pass or Ayre, but those are way above my price bracket.    I've tried Bel Canto Ref1000 mono's and Van Alstine.  The DNA had a better mid range presentation and better bottom end than both, no comparison.  Any other recommendations shy of the DNA 500, which again is over my price range.
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@audio717  What brand and quality level of fuses did Steve put in your amp?

There's a DNA 500 for sale here now for just under three grand.  Might be worth asking Steve what he thinks of the 500 versus a modded 225 given your speakers and priorities.  Best of luck. 

+1 on /everything hitman said. That's exactly what I did several years ago and I'm no longer looking for "the amp" I have in spades ! ! ! Also if you call SMC Steve answers his own phone, you talk directly to the man, quite interesting considering the times we live in.

Hifi tuning silver stars for the rails and Furutech's for the board.  I did them myself after getting the specs from SMC.  The silver stars have been on sale (discontinued) so the 6.3A small fast blows that was recommended were unavailable and I tried 5A instead and so far they have worked fine.  They only recommend the silver stars with hifi tuning, otherwise it's the much more expensive synergistic red's.  Those are the only fast blows for the rails that they recommend as best.  There are several lesser quality.  

@audio717   Thanks for the info.  I'll look into it.