Recommendation for Improvement over McCormack DNA-225

I currently have a McCormack DNA 225 mated with a VTL 2.5 and Line Magnetic 502 DAC powering my Salk Veracity HT3's. I think it sounds really nice but can definitely have some top end harshness, especially at the volumes I like to listen to.  I consider the Salk's are fairly power hungry in the low end (as confirmed with Jim Salk), can anyone recommend a SS amp with as much grunt as the McCormack in the range of 2K plus or minus.  Sure I would like a Pass or Ayre, but those are way above my price bracket.    I've tried Bel Canto Ref1000 mono's and Van Alstine.  The DNA had a better mid range presentation and better bottom end than both, no comparison.  Any other recommendations shy of the DNA 500, which again is over my price range.

There is a Coda CSX listed on US Audio Mart for $2600.  This is a detailed yet smooth musical amplifier 330 watts to 8 and 660 watts to 4.  Not sure if they would deal or not, but sure fits the bill. 

Good Luck,  Tim

Looking at your speakers shows they're relatively flat out to and beyond what you can hear. Not knowing your set up can some speaker placement or room treatment help?

I ask because I have a pair of Tonian Labs TL-D1s that have a ribbon super tweeter that was bright when listened to directly on axis but after trying speaker positions I found that it all had to do with the footers and what was placed beneath them. It took a lot of experimenting but I finally tamed those bright and harsh highs. Just a thought.

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I second the Coda suggestion. I'm a big Coda booster--I think they deserve more love than they get--and I think the CSX would deliver plenty of grunt in the bottom, yet give you transparent and sweet mids and highs.

BUT I also agree with Nonoise that, if you haven't already, you should possibly explore room treatments. It's amazing what the right treatment in the right spot can do to tame brightness and another anomalies.
I picked up an entry level Edge M4 SS amp to try out a while back and was quite impressed, it was a 70w per channel amp and it sounded quite good and I am a tube guy all the way. So I saw this

No affiliation with the seller but looks like a very good deal on what could be an excellent amp, plus 175wpc into 8 ohms should be plenty for your speakers.
I picked up a Pass X250 for $2500; drives my Aerial's no problem and they need power. Killer amp for $2500. What's your budget?