Recommendation for guitar duo CD

I am looking for CDs of pairs of guitarists performing easy listening musics, not hardcore classical, perhaps of modern musics plus some in the romantic era.
Great cd.. Live Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds.. Double set all greatest Dave Matthews hits acoustic.. Tremendous listening.. some slow mostly , and romaantic definately..but Dave Matthews is modern Folk...
Check it out.
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Try Charlie Byrd and Laurindo Almeida "Tango" and "Latin Odyssey" both on Concord. Mine are on LP but I suspect they are available on CD as well. Excellent sound!
Try some of these:

Strunz & Farah - not my cup of tea, but they are very proficient guitarists, and do have a following. Easy listening.

Assad brothers - wonderful guitarists.

Friday Night in San Francisco - this is a trio of Mclaughlin, DiMeola and DeLucia. Sort of jazzy flamenco and fabulous. a classic (I believe it's available on 180 gram LP.)
Try a Concord CD called "Polarity" with guitarists Jimmy Bruno and Joe Beck. Very pleasant and well recorded.
Jim Hall with Pat Metheny is the right match.
I do not remember the record label but probably ECM.
Hi You MUST try Larry and Lee by Larry Carlton and Lee Ritenour. One of my favorite cd's. It's a must have IMHO.
ENJOY, Rick.
Check out Tower records for Hapa, Daniel Ho and Cazimero Brothers in the Hawaiian section. These are great slack key guitar CDs
jimmy thackery and john mooney, sideways in paridise. real nice acoustic blues recording done live in jamaka complete with chirping frogs in the background
A little unusual but wonderful playing and recording, Chet Atkins and Mark Knopfler Neck & Neck CD.
Some good suggestions already, including the Demeola, McLauglin, Paco de Lucia recording. Also check out anything by Bucky and John Pizzarelli, a wonderful New York father-son jazz team. "Passion Guitars" is the one I listen to often, and it is very well recorded.

happy listening
My fav: Cyril Pahinui & Bob Brozman, Four Hands Hot & Sweet.
Hawaiian slack key guitar with slide-National Steel, Weissenborn that sounds relaxed and like they've been playing together for years.

Thanks everyone for recommendation. The response turnout is better than I expected.

I just listened to Young and Rollins "Sevilla". While the musicians and the musics are terrific: well performed and variety of songs, it's not quite easy listening to my taste. Have you heard this CD and how is it compared to your recommendation?
This recommendation is close to "hardcore" classical, but is classical music written, primarily, for the guitar (some has been transcribed from music written for other instruments); thus, even though it is classical music, it probably will be "different" sounding than the classical music familiar to you. With all that said, here are two recommendations...

Christopher Parkening & David Brandon "Virtuoso Duets" EMI CDC 7 49406 2 This CD contains music from the renaissance through a piece written in 1989 (23 songs). A lot of the music is from Spain, much of it based on native folk songs. There are a few "hardcore" classical numbers. The last selection, Andrew York's "Evening Dance" wirten in 1989 is, alone, worth the price of the CD.

My second selection may not be available on CD, but I'll mention it anyway. If you want to hear, in my opinion, the greatest (classical) guitar duo in history, then seek out Ida Presti and Alexandre Lagoya -- their music is certainly very classical, but you will never hear two (acoustic) guitars sound more beautiful. Of their short recording career (Ida Presti died of an illness), I would recommend "Spanish Music For Two Guitars". Spanish music is the essence of classical guitar and this LP (CD?) contains 8 selections, one by Fernano Sor, a romantic composer.

I hope you get a chance to hear these recordings.
Tony Rice & John Carlini "River Suite for Two guitars" on
Sugar Hill SHCD-3837 Fantastic music from two pioneers of the acoustic music scene. This is highly recommended!!!
"Krusevo" Vlatko Stefanovski and Dusan Tadic. MA recordings, was Stereophile R2D4, couple of years ago.
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Haven't seen anybody mention the "Chester and Lester" album. The late Chet Atkins and Les Paul. I had it a LONG time ago, and don't remember what label it was on, butit would probably qualify as 'easy listening'.
I'm surprised no one has mentioned Santana and Ottmar Liebert. The CD is "Solo Para Ti". Try #7, Santana's "Samba Pa Ti", sounds very good. Epic ek47848. Enjoy!
I second the recommendation of River Suite.
Try the Tone Poems records. Ok not just guitar, but guitar and mandolin (David Grisman). All the Acoustic Disc recordings are above average in sound. Also: difficult to find but worthwhile are the Larry Coryell acoustic recordings (I believe on Shanachie).
Try Craig Chaquico's Panorama CD, it's acoustic guitar at it's best and a well recorded CD.
It's more than two guitarists but you might try the Los Angeles Guitar Quartet - four guys playing classical guitar, doing what might be called classical guitar crossover. Their most recent album has arrangements of music by Eduardo Martin, Astor Piazzola (sp?) and Sting. A previous album (L.A.G.Q.?) has been recommended by friends.
I'll second both of the late Chet Atkins' duets. Can't think of anything new off the top of my head, although some of Leo Kottke's 12-string work sounds like there must be four hands playing ;-)
Ahhh Leo Kottke. When I first heard the "6 and 12 String Guitar" album I went back to the store and bought up every copy they had to give to friends that played the guitar. While none of them quit, some were tempted. Years later when I was a DJ, I played the album and had people coming by and calling up "Who are they?".
I have to say most definately Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds "Live at Luther." Even if you don't like Dave Matthews all that much its a great listening cd. It just sounds awesome.
Alex Degrasi, Shahin ans Sepehr, Armik (carribean), Acoustic Alchemy, Billy Joe Walker, Neal Schon.
I'd suggest to try two CDs from Naim, music is beautiful, and the recording quality is fantastic:

Acoustic Mania (Antonio Forcione and Neil Stacey)
New Dawn (Dominic Miller & Neil Stacey)
Try "Larry and Lee" by Larry Carlton and Lee Ritenour.
Doc and Merle Watson, "Memories" or "Live on Stage."
My favourite Guitar duo CD happens to be the Primal Magic by Strunz and Farah. I had reviewed it earlier and if you are interested you may check out the link below: