Recommendation for DAC needed.

I’m looking to replace my Schiit Gumby DAC.  Price range: $2000-3000.
Right now considering Ayre Codex.
Need it for my CD transport as a well as compacity for hi res streaming.
 I don’t need headphone capability.
Any high quality unit recommendations would be appreciated.
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sbank1, preferences are system dependent. Also, each of us has different hearing. I haven't heard the Chord, but would buy the Chord Dave, if I could afford one.
I must confess I am clueless when it comes to DACs as I have never thought I needed one. However my Denon/Exemplar CD player is close to 10 years old and given supposed advances in digital technology it is probably time to consider a DAC, although it would be nice to try some before purchase - highly unlikely in Australia. From what research I have done and being aware one can spend many thousands of dollars ( not going to happen ) it would appear that the Chinese made Topping D50 has a lot going for it, such as latest technology, at a bargain basement price. So the big question - is the Topping the bargain it appears to be and how does it stack up against the uber expensive DACs
Without measurements, you can’t take his statements as truth. I think I did find that Spotify too is not bit-perfect through casting, which is a shame. I have no clue why Google cant get this right, but I know as a fact that using Roon or an app like Android HiFi Cast will be bit-perfect.
At the risk of sounding like a non-answer, I agree with the sentiment to consider the front end before the dac, although the improvements can be dac-specific, and it honestly depends so much on the level of the rest of your system.  

For instance, if using USB, consider a better usb cable, a reclocker like an iso-regen, some linear power supply upgrades for anything in the chain not using them, and power supply improvements in general (balanced power or well-reviewed filtering).  Sadly, any dac upgrade may not be as noticeable of an improvement without a lot of that already in place.  This takes a lot of research and a lot of experimenting, but the yields can be significant.  Read as much as you can.  Try them one at a time, but some won’t yield improvements unless in conjunction (linear power supply combined with reclockers, for example).

I use an Yggy with a lot of SoTM, Uptone and Sonore network and USB gear in front, and the gains have been very significant, but the costs have been too.  I had an Aqua Formula for 3 weeks, but by itself, it wasn’t a giant improvement over the Yggy plus upgrades (the latest with analog 2), although it would have been better likely with all those other upgrades in front.

just suggesting the dac upgrade needs to be considered with the other opportunities.
You could sell your transport and use the extra cash to upgrade to a Marantz SA-KI Ruby.  Incredible DAC, fantastic transport. Absolutely wonderful.