Recommendation for Dac for streamer

I'm thinking of replacing my current integrated amp that has a Dac with a Luxman 590 AX11integrated amp without a Dac.  The seller recommended a Luxman D-03x CD player that has a Dac.  I have Aurender ACS10 and Nucleus Plus streamers.  Can those streamers use the Luxman Dac or should I forget the D-03x, and buy a really good separate Dac?  I'm relatively new to this, and may not be expressing myself well.
I meant to add Aqua La Voce as well to the post above, but edit function wouldn't let me... 
If your streamer has USB output then the Luxman CD player will work. That disk player seems pretty good, especially of you plan on still playing disks (like me).

Before you spend too much $$ on a DAC try out the Gustard X26 Pro for $1500 with 30 - 45 day home trial. It will compete and better a lot of much more expensive DAC’s.

You can make this DAC sound warm, detailed, in-between with NOS/OS, 4 custom filters