Recommendation for Cartridge upgrade

I have an Origin Live Aurora TT with Silver arm and upgraded motor. My amp is Musically Fidelity integrated A3.2 driving Usher speakers and Martin Logan sub. My current cartridge is an Ortofon Blue ($199) which is good but I suspect a better cartridge will be a big improvement. I have never owned a MC only MM, but my integrated is switchable. I am considering Ortofon, Dynavector, Grado and Benz, but only have aboout $500 to spend max. Thanks!!!
Audio Technica AT-150MLX.

Better than any high output moving coil at its' price.

By leaps and bounds.

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I also have the OL Aurora mk2 table and for a period of time used the original OL Silver tone arm. This combination is capable of excellent performance with a cartridge upgrade. Audiofiel's recommendation is very good in the price range you are looking at. I saved for a long time and moved from a Denon DL-160 to a Sumiko Blackbird with excellent results. Since that time I have upgraded the arm to an OL Encounter Mk3c and used a number of different cartridges including a MusicMaker 3, Andante P-76, the Blackbird, and now I have acquired a Benz Ebony to try. Your table/arm will respond favorably to many levels of cartridge upgrades.