Recommendation for Cartridge for Technics SL-1200G?

Hello everyone,
Looking for some recommendations for a cartridge for the Technics SL-1200G. Turntable paired with integrated amplifier Marantz PM-KI-PEARL. I am currently thinking about buying the Audio Technica AT-ART9. Any advice would be appreciated. There is a link for Marantz specifications: (pg. 30).

Thank you


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I’m surprise that people are recommending the AT Art9 as it is a high compliance cartridge and when fitted to the Technics arm will give a resonant frequency of 6hz which is too low? 

Technics arm effective mass 12g 
Art9 weight 8.5g
Compliance 18x1.7 at 10hz

resonant frequency - 6.4hz

too Low! 

Dhjohnson if you are getting 8hz via the calculator then I’m afraid you are using the wrong compliance measurement. The 18 figure quoted in the specs is at 100hz. To get this to 10hz you need to multiply by 1.7 giving 30.6cu and a resonant frequency if 6.33 hz

This is a long way from the ideal 9-10hz.

these are indeed a guide and it would be more accurate to measure using a test record. Has anyone done that with the Art9 on the 1200g???

I’d be amazed if the resonant frequency calculator was out by 50% !!!!

it may be possible to make it play but I remain to be convinced that it is a good match. 

Michael Fremer said of the 1200G...

In case you were wondering if the arm was tailored for high compliance moving magnet cartridges, I can tell you that I used, among other cartridges, the Lyra Etna SL and when I measured the horizontal and vertical resonant frequencies using the Hi-Fi News test record, both measured between 8Hz-and 9Hz, which means yes, you can use the SL-1200G with your favorite low-medium compliance moving coil cartridges.

I’ve seen I’ve seen a few recommendations for the Ortofon Cadenza Bronze on the 1200g

this gives
m 22.7g compliance 12cu and thus 9.6Hz resonant frequency, the best I have calculated so far.

To calculate what is best there are two resources I have been using. First the Ortofon guide and chart here...

The shows that resonant frequency should be between 7-12Hz is best idea being somewhere is the middle of this range.

For the Technics with an arm mass of 12g +a headshell which is likely to be 7-10g the arm mass will be in the range 19-22g 

This means that Compliance rating of 10, 15 and 20 are best suited (low to medium) 25 is marginal.

This calculator enables precise values of resonant frequency...

For this the target extremes are
19g - 7Hz - 27CU
22g - 12 Hz - 8CU

So this shows that between 8CU and 27CU depending on precise cartridge weight.
The optimum probably is 9-10Hz
19g at 9Hz gives 16.5 CU
22g at 10Hz gives 11.5 CU

Two real world example

Soundsmith Zephyr Star MMIC 
Compliance 10 µm/mN
weight 12.2g
On the Technics arm this gives a resonant frequency of 10.2Hz

A 2g heavier head shell would give 9.8Hz

Dynavector 10x5
Compliance 12, Wight 7.3g
On the Technics arm this gives a resonant frequency of 10.46Hz 

Both are good matches!